By Jay Stoltenburg


After being actively pursued by the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints, Reggie Bush finalized a one-year, $2.5M ($1.1M guaranteed) with the San Francisco 49ers on March 18, 2015. Bush has always been a threat out of the backfield as a receiver more so than a rusher as his career had a jump start with the New Orleans Saints after being disappointed that the Texans selected DE Mario Williams first overall ahead of him in the 2006 NFL Draft leaving the Saints more than happy to land the stud RB they were looking for with the second overall pick. Although his best years rushing the football were with the Dolphins in 2011 and 2012 and the Lions in 2013 while producing rushing stats of 1086, 986 and 1006 respectively, and averaging 4.6 YPC during that same tenure, before finishing a disappointing 2014 season with just 297 rushing yards. In 2006, Bush was listed as second to Peyton Manning in receiving NFL endorsements only to only to become the first player in NCAA history to forfeit his Heisman Trophy in 2010 due to allegations hat he had rb7received gifts from his agent Lake Lloyd and therefore violated NCAA rules. Throughout his NFL career, Reggie has been involved in relationships with anyone from Kim Kardashian to Amber Rose to his current wife Lilit Avagyan and is most recently known for his response to Adrian Peterson’s suspension with his “my parents didn’t call it spankings though they called it whoopings” statement saying that if the NFL is going to discipline one player a specific way that they should follow suit with others. With all that said, I have to say that Reggie has done an astounding job of keeping all those distractions from his focus on his game and his goals as an NFL running back as he has had every opportunity to let the media impact his career and has refused to let it happen which is more than many NFL players who have been highlighted in the media can say. 



GamesAttemptsRushing YardsAvgTDReceptionsReceiving YardsTD
2014Detroit Lions11762973.92402530
2013Detroit Lions1422310064.54545063
2012Miami Dolphins162279864.36352922
2011Miami Dolphins1521610865.06432961
2010New Orleans Saints8361504.20342081
2009New Orleans Saints14703905.65473353
2008New Orleans Saints101064043.82524404
2007New Orleans Saints121575813.74734172
2006New Orleans Saints161555653.66887422


ReggieBush2Entering his tenth season in the NFL, Reggie Bush‘s career has been one that has been hampered by injuries as he is coming off yet another injury-riddled season with ankle and back injuries that caused him to miss five games while producing just 550 yards total offense and only 2 TDs. After turning 30 in March, Bush is running out of time to prove that he can remain healthy and be relied on for an entire season. With that said, he is still a threat not only on offense but also on special teams as he has made the 49er’s coaching staff aware that he is willing to return punts this year in addition to his role in the offense (but I am not so sure that is a good thing as he would be further exposing himself to the potential of yet another injury). With Frank Gore’s departure to the Indianapolis Colts, Carlos Hyde figures to be the starting RB for the ‘Niners in 2015 but he has already missed some time during voluntary workouts this year which is worth noting as Bush could be in-line to take the lion’s share of his carries should he get injured (Bush has been the one to get the first team reps in Hyde’s absence during OTAs although Kendall Hunter and rookie Mike Davis are also in the mix with Hunter reportedly showing good ability so far this off-season after recovering from an ACL injury that cost him his 2014 season in the NFL). Personally, I am keeping my distance from this backfield in fantasy leagues as it is a bit of a mess right now in San Francisco with Bush only being one year removed from a 1000 yard rushing season in a pass happy Detroit offense and the 49ers drafting a running back in one of the first four rounds in each of the last five NFL Drafts. Something is amiss in San Fran as they are going through a period where they are struggling to find their identity on both sides of the ball. I am not convinced that Carlos Hyde is ready to shoulder the load at the RB position which may open the door for Bush, Hunter or even Davis to get their fair share of touches in the Golden City. It is my opinion that the ‘Niners will need to rely on the passing game this year which only puts more pressure on their young QB but bodes well for Bush and the receivers on the team. The team will need to rely on Bush to keep the defenses honest so he certainly shouldn’t be overlooked if you can get him at the right price but I would rather have a younger back with similar potential. There is no doubt he is a “buy low” candidate at this point in his career when it comes to dynasty leagues especially. I have to believe that Bush will be more involved in the offense than any other running back on the team even though he is not listed as the starter today.


Bush’s arrival should undoubtedly help out Colin Kaepernick with opening up the passing game not to mention Kaepernick’s ability to run the ball. The arrival of Torrey Smith and his threat to go deep can only help open up the short passes no matter if they are across the middle to a WR or out of the backfield which is where Bush is the most dangerous once he gets into the open field combined with Vernon Davis and his abilities as a receiver which have been severely under-used the last couple of years. As such, I believe the acquisition of Bush will have a positive impact to the team (if he can stay healthy) as I believe he is a great complement to the other members of the offense and his veteran experience will be beneficial to the younger backs on the roster.If the 49ers new offensive coordinator Geep Chryst takes Bush’s age (and health) into consideration and uses him wisely, I believe they can take advantage of his abilities in ways to help open up opportunities for the other offensive players on the team. This will require discipline by both the coaching staff and Bush himself though which can be difficult to pull off. There is no doubt in my mind that the arrival of Reggie Bush in San Fran will help the 49ers offense in all aspects of the game when it comes to offense. He could also have an impact to their special teams play if the team chooses to allow him to return punts. 


Bush’s departure will not impact the Detroit Lions offense much, if any, at all as they just drafted promising rookie Ameer Abdullah while already having Theo Riddick on the roster to fill the role that the Lions had Bush slated for when they signed him. If Joique Bell can stay healthy as the power back, the Lions will likely have a respectable dual threat out of the backfield with Riddick and Abdullah filling the third down/situational back role. I don’t see the Lion’s suffering as much from the departure of Reggie Bush as they will from the loss of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley on the defensive line even though Fairley was inconsistent at times. Their wide receivers are fully in tact with Calvin Johnson leading the way lining up opposite of Golden Tate with Corey Fuller as the WR3 and 2nd year Eric Ebron leading the way at tight end.