*5′ 11″

* 224 lbs

* 4.45 40 yard Dash (Unofficial)

* Clearly the best RB in the draft

Trent Richardson has set himself apart from the other running backs in this year’s draft.  Richardson has displayed everything a GM is looking for in a super star running back.  He got to play against the best teams/defenses in the nation and he dominated.  Trent has elite power, speed, decision-making, and protection ability.  He was often referred to as the “pound for pound” strongest player on the team in 2011.  Trent is just an EXTREMELY effective back.  He recently ran his forty time in 4.45 seconds which is more than enough speed to have that extra burst that you want in your running back.  It also allows him the speed necessary to attack the perimeter.  He is extremely effective running the ball.   His legs that are like logs, he runs “behind his pads” , and he hits the hole with no wasted motion or time.  If I’m going to nit-pick (and that’s all it would be), Richardson can sometimes pick up the blitz too quick, in the sense that he will get set for the block and get a little flat-footed.  He also has a bit of “shake and bake” to him and can jammed up at times. That being said, Trent has “franchise running back” written all over him. Perhaps his greatest challenge will be to live up to expectations, both of the GM who drafts him and the Fantasy owners who make him their number one overall pick in up-coming rookie drafts.  Trent is as close to a “sure thing” as you will find in this draft.

Watch Highlights Here:

Burgandy 4-2-12