Every week we’ll take a look at players that could be future waiver wire darlings in the coming weeks.  Our goal is to identify the players that are trending in the right direction and have a possible opportunity for increased playing time in the very near future.  It’s always hard to grab guys after they’ve broken out, so if you have the roster space you might want to give some of these guys a shot before it’s too late.  This column is also a good opportunity to showcase one of the all time great shows in television history, HBO’S “The Wire”.


A few quick notes on this column

        1.  We are focusing mainly on dynasty value when we recommend these players, although some could certainly work as popular pickups in redraft and keeper leagues as well.

2.  We are once again trying to predict future value, looking to see whose value could rise within the next few weeks or months, with the waiver wire in mind.

3.  Each league is different, so don’t think you have to go and add all these players listed, but they are at least worth monitoring, especially if you have roster space.


Matt Moore vs. N.Y. Jets – Last week we mentioned Moore’s former teammate David Garrard as a possible waiver wire addition, but its important to also highlight Matt Moore as well.  Moore remains one of the best backup QBs in the game and many feel he can be an NFL starter at some point again.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the rebuilding Dolphins trading Moore to a contending team in need of a quarterback sometime before the trading deadline this year.

T.J. Yates @ Denver – Any fantasy owner of Matt Schaub could tell you that he has an injury history, and it can be rather important to know who his backup is.  Yates performed admirably as a rookie a season ago in relief of Schaub.

Nick Foles @ Arizona – Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago that Foles was mentioned in this column as a possible pickup, but it is worth mentioning him again.  The Michael Vick Experience has been a bit of a bumpy ride in Philadelphia, due to inconsistency and injury issues. Andy Reid and his staff are under a ton of pressure to win this season, and Foles could see some action if Vick’s injuries return, or if the bad Vick returns.

Brian Hoyer  – Free Agent – The emergence of Ryan Mallett caused Hoyer to lose his job as backup quarterback in New England, but there are still many that feel that Hoyer can and will get a shot with another team.  As quarterback injuries start to accumulate around the league, we could see Brian Hoyer landing somewhere, and possibly getting a shot as a starter down the road.

Bidal Powell @ Miami – Shonn Greene continues to carry the load in Jet-land, but Greene hasn’t really stood out as being the long-term answer at running back.  At just the age of 23, Powell keeps showing progress in the Jets offense, and we could still see Powell making a larger impact for the Jets sometime by the end of this season.

Chris Rainey @ Oakland – The Steelers running back situation remains a work in progress, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the speedy Chris Rainey getting a shot at being the feature back here sometime in the next few weeks.

Taiwan Jones vs. Pittsburgh – It’s always important to keep an eye on Darren McFadden’s backup in Oakland.  Jones has shown some flashes before, and could easily step in if (or when)  McFadden gets injured this year.

Tim Hightower – Free Agent –  Injuries cost Tim Hightower his roster spot with the Redskins earlier this year, but it’s probably a blessing in disguise as he avoids any further “Shanahanizaton” in D.C..  Hightower could pop up with another team this season, as running backs always seem to be in need and Hightower is still only 26 years old.

Trent Richardson vs. Buffalo – Just kidding, Richardson shouldn’t be on any waiver wires, but its important to bring him up here as an example that it can be easy to overreact to one bad performance as we saw in week one.  Teammate Brandon Weeden also rebounded nicely as well in his 2nd NFL start.

Damaris Johnson @ Arizona –  Injuries to Jeremy Maclin and other Eagle players could give the speedy Damaris Johnson a shot sometime in the next few weeks as the Eagles attempt to get their offense back on track.

Leonard Hankerson vs. Cincinnati – Hankerson is only in his 2nd year, and has been making progress recently in the Mike Shanahan offense. I’d expect a breakout to happen for Hankerson sometime in the next few weeks as new quarterback RG3 continues to dazzle.

Laurent Robinson @ Indianapolis –  The situation in Jacksonville isn’t very pretty right now, but we’ve seen quality games from Laurent Robinson before and he has emerged as one of Blaine Gabbert’s favorite receiving options.

Julian Edelman @ Baltimore – Edelman has quietly been picking up a lot of Wes Welker’s reps in New England, a future Welker-like breakout could be on the horizon for Julian Edelman.

Jonathan Baldwin @ New Orleans –  A heralded 1st round pick just a year ago, Jonathan Baldwin has had a slow start to his NFL career.  Baldwin is certainly worth keeping an eye on as he continues to pick up the Chief’s offense, and could start making a larger impact in Kansas City.

Jeff Fuller – Miami Practice Squad –  We’re digging a bit deeper with Jeff Fuller here, but its important to remember that Fuller was once Ryan Tannehill’s top receiver at Texas A & M, and we could see him making an impact later on this season once he gets adjusted to life in the NFL.

Dwayne Allen vs. Jacksonville – Most of the publicity has gone to Coby Fleener in Indy, but Allen has also showed some receiving ability for new franchise QB Andrew Luck.  Two tightend sets are becoming more and more common in the league and Indy is following that example as well.

Kellen Winslow Jr. – Free Agent Soldier – Like a good soldier, Kellen Winslow II is ready for battle, he just needs a team to fight with.  It was just a year ago that Kellen had 75 receptions and 763 yards receiving, so he should remain on the fantasy radar for the time being.  You can’t keep a good soldier down, because its WAR!!!!

About Last Week

Kevin Kolb, who was featured in this column last week led the Cardinals to a shocking upset over the Patriots.  Kolb has led the Arizona Cardinals to a surprising 2-0 record and may finally be reaching his potential in good old Arizona.  Our shout out goes to Arizona today!!!

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