By: Luke Grilli (@LGrilli88)

As Dynasty Fantasy Football owners, we scour the internet for the latest articles related to the players that fill our rosters. It doesn’t matter if it is late February or early August, Dynasty owners NEED to know each minute detail of their roster.  There are two major NFL events that directly impact whether your players’ value…Free Agency and The NFL Draft. Now that the draft is in the books, let’s take a look at those players we were scouting back in February to see if the draft hurt or helped their value.

1.08- St. Louis Rams Draft Tavon Austin- WR
Sam Bradford
Bradford is one of the many QBs that targets their slot/underneath WR at high volumes week in and week out. Danny Amendola (when healthy) had huge games as Bradford’s go-to guy. Tavon Austin should only help the 4th year signal caller improve on his 2012 season.
Brian Quick
The raw WR from Appalachian State was a hot name in many fantasy circles coming into the 2012 off season. The Rams kept his momentum going by electing to not go after any of the top tier outside receivers in The Draft and Free Agency. This opens up the opportunity for Quick to be a first or second option in the revamped Rams offense.
Chris Givens
In Week 5, Givens stepped in for the injured Danny Amendola and put up respectable numbers over the next few weeks. While Givens is being slated as a starter lining up opposite of Brian Quick, I think that he is best suited playing the slot. Owners who paid a pretty penny for Givens before the draft may be having buyer’s remorse.

1.16 Buffalo Bills Draft E.J. Maunuel-QB

CJ Spiller

Manuel is know for his athleticism, so the Bills could put together a strong ground attack in 2013 and beyond. As we saw in Washington during RG3’s rookie year, Alfred Morris was a direct beneficiary of defenses paying attention to the QB first. Spiller is a much more electric player than Morris and could take the soft defense off to the races and into the end zone more often that not.
Stevie Johnson
Considering that Stevie put up back-to-back-to-back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm, EJ Manuel can only help to improve those numbers.
Kevin Kolb
While I’m sure Kevin Kolb was not your fantasy team’s savior by any means, some who owned him may have gotten excited to see him go somewhere that was lacking at QB. The 16th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft officially crushed all those dreams. I expect Manuel to be the starting QB by Week 4 at the latest (if he doesn’t win the job in camp), so Kolb will have a seat on your fantasy bench, as well as Buffalo’s actual bench.

1.21 Cincinnati Bengals Draft Tyler Eifert- TE

Andy Dalton
The Bengals continue to build around Andy Dalton as they use the 21st pick as more of a luxury than a need. Dalton now has AJ Green, a healthy Mohammed Sanu, an RB to be named later (hint: It is Giovani Bernard in the next write up), Jermaine Gresham and Eifert surrounding him. There is no reason why Andy Dalton cannot be a Top 10 QB in 2013.
Jermaine Gresham
Like most, I have been waiting for Gresham’s rise to Top 5 status. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen in 2012 and it won’t happen in 2013 now that Tyler Eifert is in town. In the same model of the Patriots and the Colts, Cinci is hoping to deploy the 2 stud TE set next season. This of course means less targets for Jermaine Gresham. There is an outside chance that Gresham sees less attention from defenders, but I still think that the Eifert pick severely limits his upside.
Mohammed Sanu
Sanu showed promise as a rookie before he got injured and I was excited about his prospects in 2013 before the draft. While Sanu doesn’t play the same position as Eifert, I expect the 2nd year WR to lose a few looks to Eifert when they are on the field together.

1.27 Houston Texans Draft DeAndre Hopkins- WR
Matt Schaub
The Texans finally invested in another pass catching weapon to go along with Andre Johnson and that will only help Schaub’s stats. Hopefully for Texans fans and Fantasy Football owners, no longer will the likes of Kevin Walter, DeVier Posey and LeStar Jean be constantly hyped up as Schaub’s new favorite toy. Schaub needs someone who can consistently get into the end zone and DeAndre Hopkins should be able to be that guy at the pro level. The biggest hit to Schaub has been his inability to put up 30+ TD numbers. With another weapon like Hopkins, I think it is safe to say that 30 isn’t too far out of reach, making Matt Schaub a Top 12 QB in my eyes.
Andre Johnson
I’m a strong believer that bringing in another receiving weapon to a “less than crowded” pass catching group can only help the lead dog. In this case, Andre Johnson is the clear cut pass catching option with only Owen Daniels worthy of being mentioned as a distant competitor. AJ , when healthy, has put up ridiculous stats over his career in Houston considering that he routinely sees double coverage. If DeAndre Hopkins pans out as a legitimate receiver to line up alongside AJ, the targets may go down, but TD and yardage production has a real chance to go up.
Devier Posey and LeStar Jean
Both of the 2012 off season darlings take a significant with the DeAndre Hopkins pick. Simple as that.

1.29 Minnesota Vikings Draft Cordarrelle Patterson- WR

Christian Ponder
Minnesota severely needed Wide Receivers once they traded Percy Harvin to the Seahawks. After spending a pretty penny on Greg Jennings, GM Rick Spielman also moved up in the draft to take the talented WR from Tennessee. This was all done to solidify the group surrounding their young signal caller, Christian Ponder. Ponder has been claimed by some as a bust, but I argue that he hasn’t had the right tools to work with. Now with Patterson, Jennings and Kyle Rudolph and his receiving options, and with defenses worrying about Adrian Peterson, Christian Ponder has a real chance to prove those nay sayers wrong with strong QB2 play.
Greg Jennings
See above: Johnson, Andre. Minnesota has a little bit of a  differentsituation than Houston mainly because Christian Ponder hasn’t proven anything yet, but the song remains the same. With more weapons on the field to thin out the secondary, the less double coverage on Jennings. I like this 1-2 punch of Jennings and Patterson and think that even Jarius Wright could benefit from the extra attention given to his running mates.

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