Written by Wesley Wood

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Before you grab your cellphones and tweet out stuff like “#DFW says they are free but are bound to make me pull out my credit card at some point #negativenancy” and “I really need to pee, where is the bathroom? #peemypants #feelslikeimaydie”.

Let me clarify that it is ALL FREE! At no time will we be like “Oh you want to read THOSE articles? Well you better cough up some moolah”. Nope we are legitimately here to help and give you our all. Hey you in the back! Do not touch the forklift. What’s your name? Mike, you say?

I know that I may sound insane and you are thinking to yourself “None of the writers get paid?”

Want me to let you in on a little secret? OK then come closer… All of us writers were homeless and living on the street until one day these three dudes came out of a dark alley and asked if I knew anything about football. I told them I once played a few snaps of High School ball.  I was on special teams… … the JV team, and saw my field-glory while we were dominating 63-3.  This of course caused them to hire me immediately. They offered me food, shelter, and a place where my parents can’t give me a disapproving looks.

Also, do not mind the cuts on my back where Jay, Jeff, and Dan constantly whip m… Oh hi Dan! Yes the tour is going great! I am just about to show these fine ladies and gentleman who they should start and sit on their bench this week! We are all having a super duper ti… Seriously Mike! Do NOT touch that forklift!


NOTE: I will not be covering the obvious players such as Ray Rice or Aaron Rodgers. You always start your studs when they play. I will be looking at those players who call you at midnight asking if they will be in your lineup this week. They don’t even care if it is the flex spot.

Ben Roethlisberger – I have never been a big fan of Ben in fantasy football but this week he faces the Titans defense which was 2nd worst against QB’s in the AFC last year by allowing 22 fantasy points a game. Ben himself averaged 21 points last year so this can mean another top 12 performance.

David Wilson – Dallas allowed 24 fantasy points a game last year against the run last year and their defense did not make any strides forward this off-season. Top that off with Wilson being uber talented and having no competition and you have yourself an RB2. It is also worth noting that Wilson did not fumble at all in pre-season.

Daryl Richardson – Pead is suspended this week and Zac Stacy has done nothing but show why he was a 5th round pick, which means… Richardson is the lead back. Arizona’s D was giving up a whopping 31 fantasy points to the run per game over the last 4 weeks of the 2012 season. This includes the 53 they gave up in week 14!

Lance Moore – Lance Moore had a field day against Atlanta last year with 14 catches for 214 yards. This match up is always high scoring and you have yourself a flex play.

Anquan Boldin – GB’s pass defense has been porous over the past I don’t know… since the beginning of time (or at least since 2001 when I started noticing). Michael Crabtree is out for quite a while and Kaepernick will need a reliable target.

Owen Daniels – The San Diego defense is nothing to fear and Daniels is Schaub’s #2 target behind Andre Johnson. A little play action to Arian and then BAM! Daniels is open in the end zone!

Indianapolis Colts – Not a defense I would trust all year but if you play defense roulette like I do then this week’s defense to start is the Colts against the Raiders. Raiders are a mess with a lack of talent and Pryor starting.


NOTE: These are the players who are hot and then cold, yes and then no, in then they are out, they are up up then down, wrong when it’s right… I just realized I am quoting Katy Perry. She isn’t very good at fantasy football and is a sore loser. Heck last time I beat her by a good 30 points and then she had the audacity to call me at work and tell me about how she kissed some girl and liked it. It was awkward… Basically these are the players who are expected to have a down week this week.

Michael Vick – Let’s not get carried away here as the Eagles are transitioning and there is no need to get cute in week 1. Either Chip Kelly’s offense comes out firing on all cylinders or will need a tune up. I am leaning towards tune up. Chances are that your other QB is better.

Montee Ball/Ronnie Hillman – The minute one of these players slips up and can’t protect Peyton Manning then we will have a clear cut starter. Until someone is trusted it will be a running back by committee approach (RBBC).

Greg Jennings – Christian Ponder’s inconsistency.

Vincent Brown – I know a lot of people have loved him for a while now as a sleeper, however the Chargers are playing the tough Houston D along with Brown having a quiet pre-season.

Jordy Nelson – He really fell off at the end of last season with less than 10 fantasy points in 3 of the final 5 match ups, plus he has missed all pre-season with an injury, and is facing the tough 49’ers D.

Julius Thomas – He is officially the starter but will he be utilized as a blocker since Manning has so many other weapons at his disposal? I believe he will not get enough targets to consider viable for a spot on a starting line up.

Baltimore Ravens – While they should be a top ten defense this year, week 1 will be a rough start with them facing Manning and his trio of awesome receivers.

Come back again next week and every week this season as I help you sort out who to start and sit. Oh by the way could you slip this note to my wife and tell her I lov… Oh hey Jeff! I was just sending the visitors on their way.


Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know below. We will do our best to answer all sit/start questions as well!