By Jay Myers and Luke Grilli

This week Luke and I tackle a few topics we’ve seen being discussed around DFW, let us know if you have any burning questions you want feedback on.

1) Dynasty Dilemma – Aaron Jones vs Ameer Abdullah

Luke – Ameer Abullah is dead to me. Finally, he was able to stay healthy this year (so far) but he’s stunk and hasn’t flashed any of that potential that we saw in years prior before he’d go down with an injury. Point. Period. Simple. I’m done with him. With that being said, I actually like Aaron Jones a bit. When Aaron Rodgers was healthy (this is important) Ty Montgomery was “meh” and I felt that Aaron Jones was the better running back. Now that Brett Hundley is under center in Green Bay the running lanes are a bit tighter, so until Rodgers comes back, I think this season is a lost cause for the Packer running backs. I wouldn’t trust either of them to have consistent fantasy value, but next season or at the trade deadline in dynasty leagues, I will be targeting Aaron Jones if I can get him on the cheap.

Jay – Ameer has been able to stay healthy this season which is the biggest point here.  His production hasn’t been what we thought it would be, but when I watch him play he isn’t getting much to work with based on the offensive line.  I think he will get better once he gets better o-line play.  He’s explosive and his yards after contact are still solid.  I like Jones, but there is still a lot of uncertainty in GB and there is still risk that GB drafts a RB in the off-season.
2) What kind of value is AP worth to a playoff team?

Luke – I think AP is worth a solid 2nd round pick to the right contending team. Not an early 2nd round, not a late 2nd rounder, but something in the 17-22 range. I’d pay more if I knew he would be a RB1 like we saw in Weeks 6 and 9 and not a bum like he showed in Week 7. And that’s the problem. I think that AP will beat up bad defenses (Bucs and 49ers) but could struggle against solid defenses (Rams). We are publishing this after the Thursday night game against the Seahawks, so I think that performance will be telling. If AP can put up solid numbers against a tough Seattle D after 39 touches 4 days ago, well that would increase his value in my eyes.

Jay – I think he’s worth a 2nd to any playoff contender who has a hole at RB.  He’s going to be feast or famine versus good or bad defenses.  You could also use him for a slight upgrade at another position.
3) With the outstanding play by Wentz this season where do you currently rank him?

Luke – He has to be in the Top 5 at this point, which is pretty impressive. Without doing a deep dive into my rankings I think these are the QBs I’d take ahead of him in start ups. Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and I guess you could make a case for Andrew Luck. He has quickly blown by Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, Kirk Cousins, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. On top of that, I’d probably put his draft mate Jared Goff somewhere in my Top 10. My oh my how things can change!

Jay – He’s got to be top-5 now after this breakout season.  I always thought he had some A.Rodgers to his game from being able to throw from the pocket with a big arm and using his legs to make plays.  I wish I would’ve gone after him more in the off-season, I thought he would take a step forward but not to this level.  I own him in one spot and you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg at this point to land him.  Rodgers, Dak, Wentz, Wilson, Watson are my top-5.
4) A trade went down in one of my leagues where the top team in the league received Julio Jones and the worst team received Aaron Jones. The owners are also brothers. As a league member how would you react?

Luke – Oh man. I’d boot them so fast it wouldn’t be funny. OK, maybe kicking them out is a bit extreme, but I’d definitely veto the hell out of that trade and put both of those guys on probation. I understand that people value players differently in dynasty and a lot depends on your team makeup and where you are in the rankings, but giving a top team an elite talent like Julio Jones for pennies on the dollar takes the fun out of the game.

Jay – All you can really do is protest the trade with your league trying to get a vote to reverse.  I typically say as long as there is no collusion you can’t really do much, but a trade like this creates such a shift in your league and the impact is for 3-5 years.  It’s hard to swallow since Julio is worth 10 Aaron Jones.
5) Trade Dilemma – Mixon or Ingram and McKinnon?

Luke – I look at this as Mixon for Ingram to be honest. McKinnon is a 1 year rental while Dalvin Cook is out. So If I am playing for this year, I’d go with Ingram (who has been better) and McKinnon (production for 2017). If I am looking to the future, I’d take Mixon since he will be getting 20+ touches a game after Jeremy Hill is shipped to oblivion.

Jay – I’d take the Mixon side regardless of being a contender or rebuild.  I think folks are forgetting how good this kid is with the way the season has gone, but it’s mostly due to the coaching staff trying to play all 3 RBs early on along with horrible offensive line play.  This kid is talented and will be a monster.  It’s nice to get an extra starter in McKinnon for the rest of the season, but I’m just not buying Ingram at this stage of his career due to age and Kamara coming on stong this season.  I can see the appeal for contenders, but I just don’t think I could pull the trigger.