Week 11 is upon us, ya’ll.

This week is gonna be a barn-burner for sure, with Kansas City and Denver’s AFC West clash being the obvious leader of the pack.

As most of you not living underneath a rock know, however, Peyton Manning has a coupe of bum ankles. And he’s going against one of the most sack-happy defnses in the league. This could inflict some fear into Peyton Manning fantasy owners as well as owners of his pass-catchers. But we’ll get into that later.

Just like any other odd-numbered week, Brian Luzier (@TheFFBoss) is our main contestant, with our special guest being Christopher Cheung. Cheung (@SmthingAboutFtB) is a football lover that loves analytics and fantasy football. He also dabbles in the NFL Draft realms, and is a great guy overall. Thanks for the input, Chris.

Onto this weeks’ Round Table!


Which bench player at QB, RB or WR should start that normally wouldn’t and why?

Brian: Mike Brown in Jacksonville is someone I’ll be relying on heavily. Last week he wasn’t getting many targets as a function of the game flow, but I don’t expect that to continue. It’s possible JAX may not have another lead until 2014. He’ll get his targets, trust me.

C: This week I am probably slotting in Riley Cooper over some of my starters. He has proven to be Foles’ BFF and just continues to put up numbers that defies fantasy logic. He put up amazing numbers against GBP, the same team that shut down Torrey Smith. I might get burned, because I do believe his production is unsustainable, but for this week against a weak secondary, I’ll give it a shot



Which starting caliber QB, RB or WR will let down owners this week and why?

Brian: I may be stretching this a bit, but I see tons of people rushing to add Vereen to their lineups- don’t. He’s extremely explosive, and can do many things with the ball in his hands, but he’s not Andre Brown, he’s not the only man standing in that backfield. Let him get a week in and watch the tape.

C: As much as I am disgusted by the Patriots, I think Bill Belicheck with the bye week has come up with the best gameplan to stop ShaCam Newton. The Panthers have managed to trash weak teams, and barely squeaked out a win against the tough SF team. In the SF game, Cam was rendered ineffective, and with game tape to stop Cam, NEP will figure out how to neutralize him as well

Who is a guy that could be had on waivers that could help your team THIS week and why?

Brian: In the leagues where I own Romo, or am extremely thin at QB I’m lloking at McCown to lead me to the W. He’s certainly not flashy, but has two great receivers in Marshall and Jeffery, and has a RB who’s capable of taking a short screen to the house. A 250/2 stat line is VERY achievable this week.

C: Rishard Matthews (hopefully still on your waiver) can be a good plug and play this week. Mike Wallace popped up with a hamstring injury during practice, so this means more opportunity for Matthews to step up. Watching last MNF game, Rishard was the lone bright spot for the team. I was thoroughly impressed with the way he comes back for the football, and displayed this “my ball” mentality. He will continue to do damage against a middle of the road D team

Which rookie will make the biggest fantasy impact this week and why?

Brian: I’ll be rolling with Lacy this week on the still Rodgersless Packers. The offense really has to flow through him. I expect a big week.

C: Not withstanding the bye week, this should be a good Geno Smith week (unless the bye week was suppose to be that). The BIlls still have trouble stopping anyone, and Geno Smith will do damage both in the air and on the ground. If you’re struggling with QB, Geno Smith is worth a start

This weekend pits division rivals Kansas City and Denver against each other. Does Peyton Manning’s health heavily impact his play, and which of his two receivers will have the best game, statistically?

Brian: Demaryius Thomas exploded last week which was awesome to see. He’s coming back to relevancy and at the right time for sure. I expect another big game from DT.

C: This could be an ugly game. KC does not have much offensive prowess outside of Jamaal Charles, and if the Broncos force the Chiefs to be one dimensional, it could mean game managing mode for Alex Smith. If Manning’s ankle becomes a true bother (you’re never benching him), there will be a lot of underneath types of throws and short passes. So, I expect a lot more Wes Welker/Julius Thomas and screen passes to Demyrius Thomas. The Broncos may also lean heavily on the run game, but KC D is stingy in that aspect.