By Jay Myers and Luke Grilli

This week Luke and I discuss a few topics we’ve seen being discussed around DFW, let us know if you have any burning questions you want feedback on.

Dynasty Dilemma – Hogan vs C.Coleman
Luke – This is a tough one because we have to take away recency bias in the dynasty format and weigh age and future production potential, but boy has the 28 (soon to be 29) year old Chris Hogan looked awesome so far this season. Take out his Week 1 dud of 1 catch for 8 yards, and Hogan producing an average weekly stat line of 6 catches/70 yards /1+TD , which translates into a 16 game clip of 92/1120/20. Will those TD numbers continue? No, but I don’t see a reason why the weekly catches and yardage will dip anytime soon.
Chris Hogan’s emergence has helped my bruised and battered WR corp in more than one league, but I’m still not 100% sure I would take the Patriot of Corey Coleman. 2 things stick out when I am deciding between Hogan and Coleman. First and foremost, Hogan is signed on to be a Patriot for 1 more year and is a free agent in 2019. Will the Patriots extend him to a team friendly deal? Maybe. Maybe not. The second issue is age. Coleman is 23 and won’t turn 24 until July 2018. He is almost a full 6 years younger than Chris Hogan. While it would be great to expect Hogan to keep this production up well into his early 30’s, that may be a pipe dream, especially if Tom Brady retires. We have seen Corey Coleman flash in his rookie year and week 1 of the 2017 season, so we know the production can be there as long as he stays healthy (big if).
So in conclusion, while I’d like to go with Hogan here, age is forcing me to take Corey Coleman in this scenario
Jay – I don’t think there is a wrong answer here to be honest, it truly depends on team needs.  If you are built to win now then I would gamble on Hogan who is older but in a better offense with a better QB and producing at a top-10 WR level YTD. If you are a non-playoff team I think the answer is easily Coleman who has only scratched the surface due to 2 broken hands.  If he can get healthy and stay healthy he has huge upside and could be a poor man’s Antonio Brown in a year 3 breakout.
Who are your breakout MVPs by position through 5 weeks (QB, RB, WR, TE)?
Luke – This comes down to Alex Smith and Deshaun Watson. Both players have been fantastic, but in the end, I will go with Alex Smith. His fantasy value was almost less than zero heading into the 2017 season. Now he is being played as a QB1. At least Watson had some pedigree as a 1st round pick and national champion coming into the season.
Jay – It has to be Deshaun Watson who bust onto the scene in a big way and has back-to-back weeks with 5 TDs in each game which is incredible.  No one saw this type of production coming, but he is just so lethal with his legs keeping plays alive and allowing his receivers to break away from even the tightest of coverage.  Even the best defenses can only blanket WR’s for so long.  Doesn’t hurt that he can get rushing points using his legs which will give him a high floor weekly.
Luke – Kareem Hunt is a solid choice here, but I’m going to say Todd Gurley. Gurley owners have been on a roller coaster for the past two seasons and those who held onto him deserve some credit after a disastrous 2016 season. He may be a sell high candidate after easy match ups to begin the season, but I am a believer in his talent and the offense Sean McVay has put in place in LA.
Jay – Toss-up between Hunt and Gurley.  While Gurley had a down week vs a stingy Seattle defense he has been spectacular running and receiving this year while scoring plenty of TDs.  I’m not worried about last week’s performance, every player will have a down week vs a tough defense. It also helps that the offense is sparked by new HC McVay along with a 2nd year breakout from Goff who many left for dead after last season.
Luke – I’d love to say my guy Chris Hogan here who I waxed poetic above a few lines up, but I have to say Stefon Diggs. He didn’t do a whole lot in Week 5, but Weeks 1, 3 and 4 were pretty damn impressive.
Jay – Have to go with Hopkins here who was being faded big time in the off-season after a down ’16 season.  Now that Watson has emerged he’s a low 1st round ADP in start-ups in my opinion.  He’s currently 2nd among WRs in PPG in PPR.
Luke – Zach Ertz was a player I was targeting in PPR leagues and for good reason. He has taken over the middle of the field in Philly and is on pace for a ridiculous 16 game stat line of 102/1566/6. If he stays healthy, he should easily finish as the overall TE1.
Jay – I would say Ertz but I’ll let Luke cover him and I’ll take my next best at TE.  That honor would have to go to Kelce even though he is already considered a top-2 dynasty asset at TE.  The fact is that the TE position has been a major disappointment this year with guys like Reed, Rudolph, Eifert, Walker, Olsen (hurt), Ebron, Henry all currently not in the top-10 in scoring at TE.  Graham barely made it at 10, so that makes a mess.  Kelce has been rock-solid outside of one bad game, he had a concussion last week but should be good to go soon.
Name one player you are looking to sell-high on after the first 5 weeks and why?
Luke – The window may have been closed after he lost a ton of work to Matt Breida in Week 5, but I’d sell Carlos Hyde if possible. Kyle Shanahan love his RBBC, Hyde is always banged up and is a free agent after this season. If I can get a 1st round pick back for him right now and I’m not a favorite to win (hell even if I am a favorite I still may do it), I’m actively seeking a trade partner for Carlos Hyde.
Jay – Lamar Miller is a guy I don’t own anywhere.  He’s playing well of late but has Foreman waiting in the wings.  He’s been solid with Watson at the helm so maybe he can keep it up.  But, he’s just not a physical enough runner and seems like it’s only a matter of time before he gets replaced by Foreman by the EoY or next season.
Name one player you are looking to buy after the first 5 weeks of the season?
Luke – Give me all the Alvin Kamara shares. This has nothing to do with the Adrian Peterson trade. Even before AP was shipped to Arizona, I was trying to get Kamara anywhere I could. I think he is a better and more reliable RB than Mark Ingram and should seize control of that backfield by season’s end.
Jay – It has to be Sammy Watkins who has only had one great game all year.  The HC has promised to find ways to get him the ball and I think as he and Goff play more together they will build better chemistry.  You also have to remember that Sammy wasn’t traded until halfway through the preseason, it’s pretty damn hard to learn and grasp all the nuances of a playbook in that amount of time.  By mid-season I’m betting those two are rolling and you’ll be glad to have him as a low-end WR1.