By Jay Myers and Luke Grilli

This week Luke and I tackle a few topics we’ve seen being discussed around DFW, let us know if you have any burning questions you want feedback on.

1 – Dynasty Dilemma – A.J. Green vs Deandre Hopkins
Luke – I’d take Deandre Hopkins over AJ Green for one reason and that is age. I think both guys will produce similarly over the next 2 years (especially with the emergence of Deshaun Watson), but 4 year difference (Deandre- 25, AJ – 29) makes this decision easy for me. After a down season in 2016, Hopkins is back to being a Top 10 Dynasty asset for me.

Jay – This is a tough one for me, but I think Hopkins has shown enough with Watson at the helm for me to go with his side as the production should be fairly similar over the next few years while choosing youth.

2 – List the WRs you would trade ODB straight-up for?
Luke – I still have Odell Beckham as my #1 overall pick in dynasty start ups, so this is going to be a short list. If I’m a contender, the only 2 WRs I’d consider moving Beckham for are probably Mike Evans and DeAndre Hopkins. If an owner looking to the future wanted to trade me Stefon Diggs, Michael Thomas, TY Hilton, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones or AJ Green, they’d need to give me a pick or player sweetener to get ODB off my hands.

Jay – I play to win-now so I’d take Julio, Antonio Brown, Hopkins and maybe A.J. Green depending on how badly I needed to fill the hole at WR. I know that ODB is young, but sometimes you have to sacrifice a few years of age for win-now production for a trophy-chasing run!

3 – How would you rank these RBs in dynasty assuming start-up. Hunt, Gurley, Zeke, DJ, Bell, Fournette, Gordon, Freeman?

1. David Johnson- I still love DJ as my RB1 and I’m not worried about a wrist injury long term
2. Todd Gurley- I had an all-time man crush on Gurley last year and I was clearly a year too early. Happy to see it come to fruition with Sean McVay in town
3. Le’Veon Bell- I’m intrigued in where he will land in free agency, but still only 25 (which seems ridiculous), Bell has at least 5 years left of elite play
4. Leonard Fournette- I wasn’t a believer in Fournette headed into the season and fortunately he fell to me at 4 in a rookie draft and in the 3rd round in re-draft. At that point I felt like I had to take him. Needless to say, I’ve never been happier to be wrong in my life. If he was involved a little more in the passing game, I’d have him in my Top 3, but he is just BARELY on the outside looking in
5. Kareem Hunt- Hunt has been a great surprise, but we have seen the production slow the past few weeks. I’m not saying he’s going to turn back into a pumpkin anytime soon, but I don’t think the weekly Top RB numbers will continue. I still have him as a Top 10 weekly back though.
6. Melvin Gordon- Who else is going to get the ball in San Die…errr LA. The offense runs through Gordon, which is great, but will that knee hold up?
7. Ezekiel Elliott- His talent and situation should have him in the Top 4, but his off field stupidity has Zeke at 7 in my rankings
8. Devonta Freeman- I love Freeman so it pains me to put him at 8, but with Tevin Coleman taking 10-15 touches a game, Freeman takes a bit of a hit.

1. Gurley – I believe in the coaching staff and Goff has shown enough to give me hope for the future past this season where he has already proven to be dominant.
2. Bell – The kid is a beast, not sure how long he can hold up with this level of touches.
3. Fournette – Tough between he and Hunt, but he just looks more explosive and I’ve seen him make some plays receiving which is nice to see. I do worry about injuries over the course of his career.
4. Hunt – He can do it all, love his game. Not as explosive as some of the others, but we’ve seen his ceiling from week 1 and his floor is 100 all-purpose yards which isn’t too shabby.
5. Zeke – An elite talent who has concerns off the field and has shown some weight gain over the last few years.
6. DJ – Love me some DJ, but I’m a little worried about his long-term value past this season. I think Palmer and Fitz are done after this season and who knows who they’ll get at QB which could mean stacked boxes similar to what Gurley faced last year.
7 .Gordon – He’s been great the last 2 weeks and can do it all. No real complaints for him, this is just where he gets slotted based on the players above him at RB.
8. Freeman – I’ve been a fan since I watched Hard Knocks when he was a rookie and he’s a player that will always be pretty consistent but as long as Coleman is there his ceiling is capped a bit.

4 – How would you rank these WRs in dynasty assuming start-up. Hopkins, Mike Thomas, Hilton, Cooks, Diggs, Cooper, Dez, DT?

1. DeAndre Hopkins- I talked about him earlier, but Hopkins is clearly my #1 receiver out of this group
2. Brandin Cooks- The TD numbers haven’t been there for Cooks, but he’s still on a 64/1258/5 16 game pace, which isn’t that crazy considering all the weapons in New England and the history of receivers struggling to pick up the Patriots system. If you count the yardage or TDs he would have gained when pass interference was called on the guy defending him, he’d probably be on a 16 game pace of 1500 yards and 7 or 8 TDs.
3. Michael Thomas- I originally had Thomas at 4 behind TY Hilton, but I guess I weigh age a ton when doing my rankings. Thomas is 3 years younger than Hilton (24 to TY’s 27) and I expect more elite production over the next 5 years…even if we don’t know what’s going on under center in New Orleans after the season
4. TY Hilton- The questions at QB are concerning, but TY has still been able to turn in a couple WR1 performances this season. I still like 2016’s receiving yardage leader to be a Top 5 WR for at least the next 3 years
5. Stefon Diggs- Based on talent alone, Diggs would probably be #2 or #3, but a groin injury continues to hamper him from season to season. Injury red flags have dropped hm down to 5 for me
6. Amari Cooper- This season has been brutal for Amari, but I still believe in the talent. Oakland’s offense as a whole has taken a step back and Cooper is probably a big reason why. Either way, he’s a great buy low candidate for me
7. Demaryius Thomas- I continue to see DT taking a hit in value everywhere. Hell, I picked him up off waivers in a 10 team re-draft league. Crazy. The years of Top WR production are likely over, but Demaryius will continue to be one of the better high end WR2s for the next few years
8. Dez Bryant- I don’t get it, but Dez and Dak Prescott simply don’t connect. I didn’t target Dez anywhere this year and I am pretty happy with that decision


1. Hopkins – He’s young and he has a young stud QB throwing to him for years to come.
2. Cooper – He showed last night that he still has it and it was really only a matter of time before he exploded.
3. Thomas – The only real concern with Thomas is the age of Brees. Who knows what’s in store post-Brees era.
4. Cooks – See Thomas
5. Hilton – He’s consistent without Luck, but still has monster games. He’s young enough that he’ll still have plenty of great years once Luck is back.
6. Diggs – Pesky injuries are the only thing keeping him from being elite, but his game is on point from route running to explosive plays.
7. Dez – Getting older but still has a great QB feeding him plenty of targets.
8. DT – Another aging WR who should be top-20ish in production for the next 2-3 years and maybe 4.

5 – How would you rank these QBs in dynasty assuming start-up. Cam, Luck, Watson, Dak, Wilson, Carr, Mariota, Winston?

1. Cam Newton – If you asked me this 3 weeks ago, I’d probably have had Cam off this list altogether. Funny how a few good games can change someone’s mind, but that’s how fantasy football works I guess. Ask me in 3 more weeks and he may drop down to the 4-5 slot. Who knows?
2. DeShaun Watson – If you asked me this 3 months ago, I’d definitely have had Watson off this list altogether. If you said he should be #1, I wouldn’t argue
3. Andrew Luck – If you had asked me this 3 days ago, I’d probably have had Luck #1 on this list. Honestly, the sky isn’t falling on Luck’s career, but I think the Colts messed up when they waited so long in getting their QB into surgery. 2017 is a lost season, but I expect him back in 2018 at full strength. The question is whether or not the shoulder will hold up.
4. Derek Carr – Yes, the Raiders looks like crap this year, but the proof is in the pudding. I expect Carr to bounce back as early as this season and back on the Top 10 QB radar
5. Dak Prescott – With Zeke struggling this year, I expected to see more regression from Dak, but he has made me a believer. He was great value in draft season this past summer
6. Jameis Winston – His numbers will never be pretty, but he will keep on producing as a QB1 for the next 1 years. The QB1 numbers will never be consistent week to week, but at the end of the year, he’ll be there
7. Marcus Mariota – I was hoping for more to start the season, but injuries to Mariota and his receivers have kept his production at bay a bit. I’m hoping he jumps into the Top 5 by season’s end
8. Russell Wilson- Until this team gets an offensive line, a running game and a reliable receiver other than Doug Baldwin, I’m down on Russ.

1. Dak – Not the sexy pick here, but he’s got all the tools. He can make all the throws and can use his legs to make things happen. He’s got poise and smarts.
2. Watson – His stock has taken off over the past few weeks
3. Luck – It’s a lost season, but he’s still young and elite when he’s on the field.
4. Cam – I’ve never been a big Cam guy, but he’s shown the last few weeks that he can score through the air w/out using his legs to get a huge chunk of production.
5. Wilson – I could see him at #3 but he needs to be more consistent all year versus having big production over the 2nd half of seasons.
6. Carr – Last night he showed his upside and he has great weapons and is young. Doesn’t hurt that he has a cannon for an arm.
7. Winston – Has great tools but just doesn’t seem to make the best decisions. Makes the wrong throws at the worst times.
8. Mariota – Health is the biggest concern here otherwise he would be higher.