By Jay Myers and Luke Grilli

This week Luke and I tackle a few topics we’ve seen being discussed around DFW, let us know if you have any burning questions you want feedback on.

1 – Dynasty Dilemma – Hunter Henry vs Evan Engram
Luke – I still think Hunter Henry will be a beast once Antonio Gates finally retires, but I like Evan Engram here. Both players don’t know who will be throwing them the ball in the next 2 or 3 years, so I’m not worried about that red flag. Instead, I will just look at the player and the system they are in. It seems like Engram will be more of a focal point in the offense than Henry even when Odell Beckham is back next year. Barring a huge step forward, Sterling Shepard will likely be the 3rd option behind both Engram and Odell, so that can mean about 90-100 targets for the rookie tight end in his 2nd year. I simply don’t see the same volume for Henry in San Diego. Keenan Allen will continue to be a target hog and I expect Mike Williams to have a major role in 2018. They are close in value, but I like Engram a bit more.

Jay – Engram is the guy for me here although it is close.  Engram just pops off the page for me every time I see him play due to his extreme athleticism. I love Henry as well but until Gates is gone he will be more inconsistent.  Once again we are splitting hairs here long-term.

2 – Trade offer analysis, which side?  K.Allen, Demaryius Thomas, Jimmy Graham or Hopkins, Fuller, Ertz?
Luke – I’d go with the Hopkins, Fuller, Ertz side. I don’t love Fuller, but I do love Hopkins and Ertz. Both guys have really stepped up this year and are tied to good young QBs. Demaryius and Jimmy look past their prime and Keenan always has the injury red flag looking in the background. To me, this isn’t even close.

Jay – The Hopkins side here due to the youth and QB situations for all 3 players. Catching passes from Watson and Wentz for the next 5+ years is a great situation to be in.  I like the other side as well, but you have age and QB concerns for DT and Allen has injury red flags and Graham is getting up there in age as well.

3 – Who is your #1 buy-low right now?

Luke – Dion Lewis. He is still young and looks like he may have taken over the early down work in New England. Mike Gillislee was supposed to be the 1st and 2nd down back, while getting some goal line work, but a fumble and ineffective play may have allowed for Dion to re-grasp a significant role in the backfield. If you remember correctly, he was one of the best running backs in fantasy for the first half of the 2015 season before a knee injury cut short his season. Now fully healthy from that injury, he is back to his elusive form and could be a RB2 with RB1 upside. His contract is up in New England after this season, but he seems to be a Belichick favorite, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he re-upped with the Pats

Jay – Stefon Diggs is a guy who was putting up insane numbers early in the year and a guy I was all-in on in the off-season.  His knock is getting dinged and not being able to put up elite stats when not at 100%.  Well, his stock is down after missing multiple games.  Use this as an opportunity to get him on the cheap before he’s back to 100% health and Bradford or Bridgewater are back under center.  He should help teams in a big way down the stretch.

4 – Who is your #1 sell-high right now?

Luke –  Alex Smith. I’ve seen some crazy deals go down that include Alex Smith. Has he been great and the polar opposite of the noodle armed QB we’ve grown to feel bad for since 2005? Yes, but I don’t know how long this can last. Remember, the Chiefs gave up significant draft capital to move up and take Pat Mahomes in the 1st round of the 2017 draft. They aren’t going to let him sit on the bench for too long. I wouldn’t be shocked if Smith either regressed a bit as we got further along in the season, or is wearing a different jersey next year and not putting up QB1 numbers

Jay – Shady McCoy is the guy for me here.  He’s playing well and a lot of playoff teams would love to add his production for a playoff run. He’s getting up there in age and this could be your last best chance to move him for solid value.  His game is built on speed and quickness so I don’t see him as a player that can play effectively past the age of 30 which is approaching soon.  If you’re a contender I could see holding onto him for a title run, but if you are a non-playoff team or a pretender who could sneak into the playoffs I’d consider moving him before the trade deadline.