Of the 32 teams in the NFL, not every team has a running back worth starting. Since we all need a couple of running backs to start our league, the question is: Which teams have the running backs worth selecting? With so many teams to keep an eye on, this issue will be tackled over the course of two weeks. This is the second set of 16 teams. You can see part 1 here (http://dynastyfootballwarehouse.com/which-running-backs-are-starting-in-2013-part-1/ ) Let’s dive in!


Miami Dolphins

  • Who is the starter? Lamar Miller
  • Is Miller worth starting? Yes, as a RB2 with upside.
  • Who is the handcuff? Currently it is a position battle between Daniel Thomas and Mike Gillislee. I give the edge to Gillislee.
  • Is Gillislee worth owning? If you own Miller then definitely. Miller isn’t proven yet so his handcuff could be valuable.


Minnesota Vikings

  • Who is the starter? Adrian Peterson
  • Is Peterson worth starting? YES! RB1 for a while now with no signs of slowing down.
  • Who is the handcuff? Toby Gerhart
  • Is Gerhart worth owning? Not unless you are in a deep league. Adrian Peterson is durable and a workhorse.


New England Patriots

  • Who is the starter? Stevan Ridley
  • Is Ridley worth starting? From what he showed us last year, Ridley should be worth a start as an RB2.
  • Who is the handcuff? Shane Vereen
  • Is Vereen worth owning? Yes, he is a good pass-catching back and if anything happens to Ridley then expect Vereen to take over.


New Orleans Saints

  • Who is the starter? This is hard to answer since the Saints use a RBBC approach. Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram, and Pierre Thomas all split carries.
  • Are any of them worth starting? I would say Sproles is the only one worth starting and that is if you are in a PPR league. Otherwise do not waste your time.


New York Giants

  • Who is the starter? David Wilson
  • Is Wilson worth starting? He is as a RB2 with upside.
  • Who is the handcuff? Andre Brown
  • Is Brown worth owning? The Giants staff has made it sound like Brown will be handling the goal-line touches. That being said… I think he may be worth it if you don’t trust Wilson to handle the workload.


New York Jets

  • Who is the starter? Chris Ivory
  • Is Ivory worth starting? I am not too fond of him, personally. He has never shown he can handle a workload despite his explosiveness on the field. He is a bye week fill in for me.
  • Who is the handcuff? Bilal Powell
  • Is Powell worth owning? I wouldn’t waste my time here. Powell isn’t a good back and the Jets just are not a good offensive team.


Oakland Raiders

  • Who is the starter? Darren McFadden
  • Is McFadden worth starting? McFadden is a strange RB. He can be a RB1 and dip to an RB2 sometimes. But then out of nowhere he misses 4 games. When he plays he is good but you must expect him to miss a quarter of the season.
  • Who is the handcuff? Latavius Murray
  • Is Murray worth owning? Yes he is! Besides that I think he can play, McFadden is bound to miss time, which makes Murray’s opportunity ideal.


Philadelphia Eagles

  • Who is the starter LeSean McCoy
  • Is McCoy worth starting? McCoy is a great back and can put up RB1 numbers consistently. I would definitely start him if I had him.
  • Who is the handcuff? Bryce Brown
  • Is Brown worth owning? I wouldn’t really want him unless I had a deep roster. He looked good in 2 games and then horrendous in the 2 others he started.


Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Who is the starter? Le’Veon Bell
  • Is Bell worth starting? I believe Bell can be a low end RB2 with upside. He showed in college that he can handle the workload and the Steelers seem to want to give him a real shot right away by handing him the keys to the backfield.
  • Who is the handcuff? It looks as if it may be Isaac Redman or Johnathan Dwyer.
  • Are either of them worth owning? They didn’t show the capability to be good last season and I don’t think they could take over as a starter RB if Bell gets injured.


Saint Louis Rams

  • Who is the starter? This seems to be up in the air at the moment. No one will really know until the season starts but I think it will be a platoon attack utilizing all 3 RB’s.
  • Are any of them worth owning or starting? Though I don’t like where he was drafted, Zac Stacy could prove to be a surprise starter. I wouldn’t count Isaiah Pead out either.


San Diego (Super) Chargers

  • Who is the starter? Ryan Mathews
  • Is he worth starting? Mathews may end up being a bust. He has had one good season. Other than that he has been an often injured back who is inconsistent.
  • Who is the handcuff? Danny Woodhead
  • Is Woodhead worth owning? Yes, as Mathews is bound to miss more time and that means he will be playing time for Woodhead. Woodhead was a good pass catching back in New England and should do the same in San Diego.


San Francisco 49ers

  • Who is the starter? Frank Gore
  • Is Gore worth starting? I am not confident in him and I think he is worth a bye week fill in or a flex play.
  • Who is the handcuff? For 2013, I would put money on LaMichael James.
  • Is James worth owning? Yes he is. He showed last season he is a speedy pass catching back who can fit through small holes and make plays.


Seattle Seahawks

  • Who is the starter? Marshawn Lynch
  • Is Lynch worth starting? He is an RB1 without a doubt.
  • Who is the handcuff? This is a mess between Christine Michael, Robert Turbin, and Spencer Ware.
  • Are any of them worth owning? I would own Turbin over any of them. Michael has character issues and Turbin showed he was more than capable last season.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Who is the starter? Doug Martin
  • Is Martin worth starting? Yes! He is a young RB1 who should be started no matter what.
  • Who is the handcuff? Mike James
  • Is James worth owning? I wouldn’t suggest it, however, if you think Martin hits a sophomore slump then pick up James.


Tennessee Titans

  • Who is the starter? Chris Johnson
  • Is Johnson worth starting? He is inconsistent and will frustrate you but he is worth starting.
  • Who is the handcuff? Shonn Greene
  • Is Greene worth owning? No, he is average at best and Johnson isn’t injury prone.


Washington Redskins

  • Who is the starter? Alfred Morris
  • Is Morris worth starting? As long as Shanahan sticks with him then start Morris every week.
  • Who is the handcuff? It is a battle between Roy Helu, Evan Royster, and Chris Thompson.
  • Are any of them worth owning? This all depends on whether Shanahan sticks with Morris or not. If he wants to feature another back then that back is instantly an RB2.