Article intended for 0-2 years of IDP Experience

Why an IDP?

What if your league commissioner told you that at this year’s draft, instead of drafting individual offensive players, your league would just be drafting only a “team offense”? This means that the draft would only be two rounds; one for “team offense” and one for the” team defense”. Sounds absurd right? Well, if you are not currently playing in an IDP fantasy league… then you are pretty much half-absurd.  Your league can be twice as fun yet for whatever reason you are limiting yourselves.  Playing in a league that only has individual offensive players and a “team defensive” is like… knowing that two beers will get you “buzzed” and then only drinking one; it’s like having two feet and wearing one shoe; it’s like hitting a homerun and stopping at second base and being content with a double; it’s grossly limiting your fun potential.  I am here to show you the light my friends and you can thank me later (by sending me a $50 gift card and I will only spend $25 of it).

I’m going to assume that you fall under one of these two categories:

  1. You’re the commissioner and you want to turn your regular boring league into an IDP
  2. You are the member of a fantasy league that is converting into an IDP and don’t know where to start.

Commissioner transitioning their league into an IDP

  • The odds of getting 10 or 12 people to agree on anything are slim to none.  You need to make an authoritative decision with this one.  At least a month prior to your draft, send out an email to your league letting them know that you feel the league is up for more of a challenge and that you will be an IDP league.  I would also include a link to the Dynasty Football Warehouse IDP Rankings page, so that everyone has an equal chance at being prepared and succeeding.  If you provide information up front and give them enough time, they won’t feel that you have any ulterior motives.
  • Create the league first (I recommend My Fantasy League) and create all of the scoring rules and starting lineup requirements ahead of time. Make sure to send out your new IDP league’s web address in the email and direct them to the “Player Stats” and “Rules” pages.

o        Starting Lineup Suggestion:

Defense Offense
2 DT/DE 1 QB
2 LB 2 RB
2 CB/S 2 WR
1 Flex 1 Flex
7 Total 1 TE
7 Total


Do away with the kicker for year one (Let the person who owned Justin Tucker last year complain for a few minutes then move-on). I feel that this will ease your league as the kicker is the most unpredictable variable, and since you are going to be adding a lot of new variables to their lineups, give them a year to digest the IDP format.

o        IDP Scoring Suggestion: Keep it simple for year one


Joining an IDP for the First Time

  • Linebackers are similar to QB’s and WR’s as there is a plethora of them that score points, but it’s always nice to have the elite ones. The general rule of thumb is that you want middle-linebackers or weak-side linebackers as they typically get the most tackles.

Tier 1 Linebackers

Lavonte David
Luke Kuechly
Vontaze Burfict
Navarro Bowman (I)
Kiko Alonso


  • Defensive Line –  DE’s score more than DT’s. This position is comparable to the TE position as there are two guys who are head and shoulders above the rest. Jimmy Graham and Gronk = JJ Watt and Robert Quinn. If you don’t grab either one of these two, you are better off waiting a few rounds to select a DE/DT.


Tier 1 Defensive Ends

1 Robert Quinn
2 JJ Watt
3 Chandler Jones
4 Greg Hardy
5 Muhammad Wilkerson


  • Defensive Back – Probably the trickiest and most difficult position to predict. Generally you want a Strong Safety as they typically get more tackles than a Free Safety. However you want to make sure that you get a SS that also has some coverage skills. DB should be one of the last positions you draft, as they difference in points between the 10th and 20th player are very minimal.


Tier 1 Defensive Backs

1 Harrison Smith
2 Mark Barron
3 Eric Berry
4 Jonathan Cyprien
5 Earl Thomas


Check back for extensive rankings, draft strategy, and all things IDP