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Twitter: @Dynasty_DFW
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As the founder and CEO of Dynasty Football Warehouse I eat, sleep and breathe fantasy football. I’ve been hooked on this silly hobby since 2004 when my brother-in-law got me to join his redraft league. The biggest thing for me is having a competitive outlet as I crave head-to-head action against others. This fun and silly passion helps to fill that void in my life after growing up playing basketball, football and baseball. Luckily my beautiful wife Katie is absolutely amazing and she is so supportive of DFW and this so-called “silly” passion of mine.

My wife and I have a 5-year-old daughter, Addison, and a 2-year-old son, Tyler, who fuel my motivation in life. On another note I honestly can’t imagine DFW’s existence without my DFW brethren Dan (aka Burgandy) and Jeff (aka Shamrock) who are my managing partners. We make it a point to have a lot of fun and I truly believe this is portrayed through our articles and forums, making it a great experience for our members and readers who are the life-blood of our site. I also want to take a moment to thank all of our contributors, members and readers. Without your continued support of DFW we wouldn’t be where we are today and I am truly excited for what lies ahead. Our future is bright and the vision we have for the site will make for such a fun ride!

Owner, IT Guy, & Senior Writer (FSWA Member)

Twitter: @Jeff_DFW
Forum Handle: Shamrock

Born and bred in Minnesota I now live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my wife. It’s a struggle everyday living among Packer fans, but it makes the rivalry that much more fun. I’m currently a software developer for a large banking corporation.

I started with fantasy football as commissioner of my then 8-team redraft league back in 1996. Since then I’ve tried almost every format of fantasy football, but developed a love for dynasty above all. I still run my initial redraft league with close friends from 1996 along with two other dynasties. I also participate in six other dynos. Other hobbies I have include video games, basketball, and brewing beer (though I’ll admit I’m much better at drinking the beer than making it).

Owner, Senior Writer, & Dynasty Pulse Podcast co-host

Twitter: @Dan_DFW
Forum Handle: Burgandy

I was born in Rochester, MN and raised in a small town near there. After spending a few years in Colorado I moved back to the Twin Cities to start a family. I am a die-hard Vikings fan and love any sort of competitive sport. I currently own and operate multiple Subway Sandwich Restaurants, have two children under the age of four, and a wife of eight years. Needless to say, I keep extremely busy.

I started playing fantasy football in my good buddy Shamrock’s leagues. I was introduced to dynasty and have since dropped all my redraft leagues. For fun, I stay competitive in mud runs, 5ks, and 10ks. I play guitar and mainly jam to any blues backing track I can find on YouTube. While I am busy, my businesses allow me to do the thing that I love most, which is being an active and involved father to our two children. They are the loves of my life and nothing would be worth doing without them. And, oh yeah  the Packers suck!

Bill Cervi.1 118x144BILL CERVI

Primary Content Director & Writer

Twitter: @wcervi
Forum/League Handle: No Problem

I was born in Nebraska, did 16 years in Buffalo before I finally escaped to Florida State University and I now reside in Orlando, Florida. I have been happily married for over 20 years to the greatest football wife a man can ask for. Thanks for tolerating my dysfunctional FF obsession all these years Audra!

I started playing FF in 1987 when I entered and won my first National competition, a MSNBC salary cap league. Like Alan I remember getting the USA Today on Monday mornings and manually scoring all the league’s teams while having a beer at my friend’s bar. Since then I have evolved into a full scale FF junky playing IDP, dynasty and high stakes redraft leagues like the WCOFF, FFPC, and FPC. I was introduced to Dynasty about 9 years ago and I started playing IDP leagues in 2007, when I joined Jim Day’s (Fantasy Taz) Badlands leagues.

I joined DFW as their IDP content director in June of 2014 and I look forward to spreading the word on all the great features and benefits of playing in IDP leagues!

FFW Owner (DFW’s sister site), EIC/COO, & Senior Writer

Twitter: @Speedkills_FFW
Forum Handle: Speedkills

Raised in Michigan, I now live in Charlotte, NC after previously living in Knoxville, Houston, and a few different places in New Jersey and Seattle. I started playing fantasy football back in 1990 after picking up a Miller Lite “handbook for fantasy football” and drafting spontaneously with some of my relatives during the backyard wedding reception of my grandmother who re-married later in her life. This was well before the internet, of course, and I fondly remember calculating stats by hand when the Monday newspaper came out, photocopying and mailing newsletters, and getting a second phone line so people could leave lineups and transaction requests.

I was one of the first customers at the MFL league hosting site before they were bought out by MFL actually. Before joining the team here at DFW/FFW I was an owner and founder of DynastyRogues.com and have participated in the Fantasy Index magazine experts rankings and competition for several years with a fair amount of success.

Sean Kirby PicSean Kirby

IDP Content Director & Writer

Twitter: @scurvyidp
Forum Handle: scurvy

I’ve lived all over Ohio, but am settling down in the Cincinnati area with my wife and two daughters.  When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I’m an avid fan of the Bengals and fantasy football.

One thing I love about fantasy football is introducing new people to the game.  It’s one of the main reasons I still really enjoy redraft leagues.  However, nothing compares to dynasty formats, where the patient and well-researched owners are rewarded for their long-term strategies.  IDP cranks up the difficulty, requiring owners to pay attention to a bigger player pool and diversity of positions.  Still, a little luck never hurts!

I’ve very thankful to the DFW staff and readers for allowing me to take part in this great community.

Senior Writer for Dynasty Football Warehouse

Twitter: @lgrilli88
Forum Handle: lgrilli

I can remember playing fantasy football back in 1999-2000ish on Smallworld.com in their salary cap/stock market type leagues. After scouring the site on my dial up connection for the best deals, I would buy and sell players like some Wall Street Tycoon. I eventually became addicted to this virtual game. It wasn’t until college that I realized I could make a few bucks on the side, so it turned into my unofficial second job. My soon-to-be wife didn’t love the idea of me spending 10 hours on the couch each Sunday watching football, but once she realized the more I won the bigger her Christmas gifts… well, she learned to deal with it.

Residing in Southern New Hampshire, I am a die hard New England Patriots fan with a soft spot for the Cleveland Browns (since I went to school in Cleveland). As a Broadcasting and Mass Comm major, but not working in the Communications industry whatsoever, writing for FFW and DFW allows me to scratch that itch. It also helps that I thoroughly enjoy researching and writing about fantasy football as well.

Sal Conti photo 118x144SAL CONTI
Senior Writer for Dynasty Football Warehouse

Twitter: @SalConti
Forum Handle: N/A

For starters, I hail from Southington, CT, which means I’m surrounded by brain-washed Patriots/Giants/Jets fans everywhere I look. I don’t have much to say about my wife and kids because, well, I don’t have any. So it usually goes for your average 17 year-old kid.

All jokes aside, I’ve been playing fantasy football for the past 3-5 years, but only really started to grasp a handle on what the hell to do in order to succeed in the past year, or so. My passion for the game of football knows no bounds. I’m a big time Offensive Line guy, thanks mostly to my Center position on my High School’s State Championship team. I was blessed to capture that moment, and I’m just as grateful to now hold an Offensive Line Coach position at a different High School in Connecticut.

DFW is an excellent site that has matured quite nicely, and I can’t thank Dan, Jay and everyone else that ushered me in. I’ll be sure to spread the word about DFW at Central Connecticut State University, the institution where I’ll be “taking my talents” to for the next four years.

One last thing: Skol.

Brad Duffendack.1a 246x300BRAD DUFFENDACK
Senior Writer for Dynasty Football Warehouse

Twitter: @Duff_Football
Forum Handle: N/A

I was born and raised in Houston — which is now the most agonizing city for a sports fan by far since LeBron has returned to Cleveland. After moving all over the great state of Texas, I have now settled down in Amarillo.

I was told all my life to get paid doing what you love. So, I’m livin’ the dream as a beer salesman by day and moonlighting as a fantasy football writer. Football has been my passion ever since I put on pads in the 4th grade. I started my first fantasy league over a decade ago which has now evolved into a monster 30-man roster contract league. I’m always looking for a way to raise the difficulty level and challenge myself and the other owners.

When I am not working, I occupy my time with my wife and three kids. The oldest is a boy that is very much like me in every way. My other two are daughters that are already clearly working on solidifying their diva reputations even before they are out of diapers. When their pre-teen era begins, ya’ll will be hearing a lot from me as I escape into my sanctuary of fantasy football.

Writer & Forum Moderator for Dynasty Football Warehouse

Twitter: N/A
Forum Handle: Bert and Ernie

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, a lifelong suffering Cleveland sports fan has turned to fantasy sports to take his mind off of any disastrous “professional” Cleveland teams. A two sport fantasy “athlete”, Shawn has been playing fantasy football and baseball for well over a decade. You could call him the “Bo Jackson” or “Deion Sanders” of fantasy sports.

Because he isn’t able to turn his fantasy sports knowledge into a full time paying job (yet) Shawn teaches high school History and English as a way of communicating with everyone else outside of our crazy fantasy world. With a strong background in pop culture and music, Shawn also works occasionally as a DJ, where he tries to educate others on exactly what type of music to listen to as well. I guess it seems like he’s always trying to educate others at something.

Writer for Dynasty Football Warehouse

Twitter: @Chipper_DFW
Forum Handle: Wood Chipper

My dad was in the Coast Guard, so I ended up living all over the USA. I call Tennessee my home and am currently living in Norfolk, VA serving in the US Navy. Unlike some of the staff on DFW and FFW I have good taste in teams and am a major diehard fan of the Green Bay Packers. I have played fantasy football for over seven years while not truly dominating until four years ago. Some of my hobbies include filmography, bowling, watching minor league games, and collecting foreign money.