By Jay Myers – Founder/CEO

Now that the season is over it’s time to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly in regards to advice I’ve personally given out to those as they prepared for the ’12 season.  I missed on some but the good news is that I didn’t miss on as many as Matthew Berry. smiley sealed Jays 2012 Report Card

Hopefully you all love to research as much as I do on the always changing landscape of player values, coaching changes, schedules, changes in team philosophy, free agency movement, the NFL draft, watching old game footage, watching preseason and regular season games, etc.  There really is a lot of research involved in order to build a true dynasty for years to come, but the reality is that you won’t be able to keep up with it all.  If you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands then the best form of research in my opinion is finding a few sites you can really trust and count on for dynasty content, rankings, analysis and forum discussions.

You may have a few favorite sites along with DFW that you frequent often for this content.  You also might get or give advice on chat boards like DFW’s here  (shameless plug if you haven’t signed up for our forums yet) or you might just talk shop with friends and co-workers.  I suggest all of the above, the more varying opinions you can get about fantasy football the better.  I’d like to think I know everything when it comes to this silly hobby, but the truth is I am constantly finding new and different angles that I haven’t thought of by reading and discussing different strategies and player values.

Player evaluation is one of the best things about dynasty football, it’s not like redraft where if you miss on a player you get a fresh start the following season.  Player evaluation is so much more important in dynasty thus the importance of research, reading and applying what you’ve learned.

I wanted to take a moment to look and reflect on the advice I gave last off-season from the end of the Super Bowl until the beginning of the ’12 regular season.  Our number one goal here is to publish well thought out quality content for our readers in an effort to help you with your conquest for dynasty football championships.  I also want those who are new to DFW to understand the quality of work we do here.  Anytime you read something from me or anyone else here at DFW for that matter you can feel assured that we’ve done the research needed to back up every piece of analysis and advice that we put out there.  We won’t hit on everything, but I would put our guys head to head with the best of the best out there in the fantasy football industry.  We hope we are meeting your fantasy football needs, but if not then please let us know what we can do better by sending us a quick message here.

We can move on now that I’m done with my sales pitch to keep you here at DFW for the long haul.  Here are the different sources of player analysis that I gave through various articles and quotes last off-season as owners prepared for their 2012 season, lets see what kind of grades I got.

A’s and B’s:

Brandon Marshall (breakout to elite status) – Published 7/29/12 – Full Article Here

Cutler and Marshall seem to be set up nicely this year for some solid production.  2008 was Cutler’s last season with Marshall and he finished as the 3rd ranked QB behind only Brees and Rodgers. That isn’t bad company to be in.  In that same season, Marshall finished as the 6th ranked WR behind only AJ, Fitz, Calvin, Roddy and Jennings.  To me these two represent insane value.  Honestly, you won’t win too many leagues by grabbing a bunch of guys who barely out-perform their draft position.  You dominate leagues by grabbing guys that out-perform their draft positions by leaps and bounds.  Think of Brady and Moss in ’07 where they were under-drafted by teams that were able to stack their rosters at other positions while grabbing these two much later.  In the Pros vs Joes draft we recently participated in Marshall was drafted at 3.11 as the 14th WR off the board.  If he breaks the top-5, which he should, as the new target monster in Chicago then he represents great value by crushing his draft position.  Cutler is currently being drafted outside of the top-12 at QB in almost every draft.  If you believe he can bounce back with the addition of new weapons such as Marshall and Alshon Jeffery then you can wait on QB while stacking your roster full of RBs and WRs.  Some others to consider are Peyton / Demaryius Thomas and Vick / Maclin.

Stevan Ridley (Breakout) – Published 8/3/12 – Full Article Here

Pretty obvious here, exit BJGE left and enter Ridley stage right.  Reports from training camp are that Ridley is looking really good while Vereen is not.  More than likely Vereen will handle the third down role if he’s not beaten out by Woodhead.  Ridley should get around 250 carries and 10+ TD’s.  In ’11 the Patriots rushed the ball 438 times for 1,764 yards, which is a 4 YPC clip, and 18 rushing TD’s.

Kyle Rudolph (Breakout) – Published 8/3/12 – Full Article Here

Rudolph is a beast, probably more like Gronk Lite.  The opportunity is there for him to have a huge impact for the Vikings after Shaincoe exited in free agency.  They signed Carlson, but I’m not buying him as a threat to the superior Rudolph.  He is 6’6″ with sticky hands, and did I forget to mention he has been lighting it up in training camp too?  Top eight numbers coming from Rudolph this year.

Torrey Smith (Breakout) – Published 3/20/12 – Full Article Here

Analysis:  There are going to be a lot of expectations for Smith next year based on his rookie year and his high fantasy ceiling.  Flacco isn’t the best QB, but he’s far from the worst.  He definitely has the big arm to take advantage of Smith’s speed and 17 yards per catch average.  Right now Torrey is a high-end WR3 with WR2 upside, and if things go perfect he “could” find himself flirting with WR1 numbers.

It happens every year, someone comes out of nowhere to take the fantasy football world by storm (Cruz, Jordy, Austin, Nicks, etc).  Quite often it’s due to the team’s main receiver hitting the wall due to age or injuries.  Well, Boldin is no spring chicken, a changing of the guard “could” take place next season which would result in a big bump in production for Torrey Smith.

Torrey only had 1 target in the first 2 games, from then on he averaged 6.71 targets per game for the next 14 games. If we were to just extrapolate his numbers over a 16 game season based on the 6.71 targets per game we would come up with 107 targets.  He caught 52% of his targets last year which isn’t good, but he ran a lot of deep routes which typically bring your catch percentage down due to the low success rate of those plays.  The full article can be read here.

Michael Crabtree (Buy) – Published 2/27/12 – Full Article Here

Crabtree scored in double-digits in 10 out of 15 games last season. Then, 3 out of the 5 where he didn’t actually came in the first 5 weeks of the season where he also missed a game. He definitely started the year slow, however he had a new head coach, a new OC with a new offense. On top of that he had a QB in the same exact boat. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for success right out of the gate if you ask me. Here comes the good news, from week 11 and on he averaged 16.4 ppg. If we averaged that out over the full season it would have put him as the #12 WR in PPR making him a low WR1. Does this mean I would draft him as WR12 in a dynasty start-up draft, definitely not. What I am saying is that his perceived value is lower than his production would indicate making him an attractive off-season buy in my opinion. We know that past results don’t equal future success, but I think it just took a little bit of time for the offense to gel last season.

Also, the organization has already stated they will be aggressive in free agency, probably vertical threats like Manningham or a speedster in the draft like Kendall Wright to open things up a little more for Crabtree underneath.  The full article can be read here.

Jordy Nelson (Sell) – Published 2/27/12 – Full Article Here

2011 Stats – 68 catches on 94 targets for 1,263 yards averaging 18.57 yards per catch and 15 TD’s which is a TD every 4 1/2 catches (stop and think about that).

Jordy Nelson obviously busted out last year in a big way. My concern is the limited number of targets he received (94), basically he did a lot with a little. His YPC and TD/catch ratio was through the roof. I’m not saying he can’t repeat that success, but fantasy football is about limiting risk and selling or buying at the right time.

For me personally Jordy is a top 3 dynasty sell this off-season due to what you can fetch for him right now added in with what I think will be a regression in production moving forward. Rodgers is one of the best at spreading the ball around. Case in point, Mr. Finley, his expectations last preseason were gigantic. Well, many of his owners were pulling their hair out due to his inconsistent performance in 2011. He wasn’t hurt, his athletic ability was as good as ever, so why the decline in per game numbers? Simply enough, it was Rodgers spreading the ball around to the open guy. If you’re not the #1 target Jennings then your numbers will probably fluctuate quite a bit year to year.

Back to Jordy, if you think his targets increase dramatically this year then he has a chance to match last year’s numbers. Personally, I’m just not buying it, my opinion is that his targets will remain flat due to the offense he plays in and skilled players around him. This means he has to match that ridiculous TD to catch ratio and YPC average. I’ll let someone else take that gamble. He won’t be on any of my teams. If I was an owner I’d be selling high, and I’m definitely not buying his current inflated market price which seems to be a top 16 WR. He’ll be lucky to beat out Finley just to be the #2 target leader on his own team, and don’t forget the possible emergence of Cobb who flashed big time talent last year. I just don’t understand how anyone can value him as a high-end #2 WR when you really break his numbers down and study them from last season.

Reggie Bush (Sell-High) – Published 3/01/12 – Full Article Here

There are definitely some questions going into the ’12 season. New coaching staff, new philosophies and new offensive schemes. He will obviously start as the main tailback, but he’ll need to stay healthy. He has always had nagging knee issues, and playing on grass in Miami doesn’t help with that. I think if he stays healthy he’ll have another solid season barring any unforeseen shifts in philosophy by the coaching staff which is always possible.

My issue is Bush’s knees as he gets older. What makes him so special is his quickness and ability to cut on a dime and change direction without any major loss of speed. But, with his knee issues he will probably lose that ability sooner than other similar RB’s without those same nagging injuries. I personally would be looking to move Bush before mid-season next year. He should hopefully still be fresh and injury-free. The NFL season is long and a grind on the body. Bush is also the type of player that is more likely to break down late in the season. Move him now if you’re truly not a believer. Or, use him for the first half of the season and trade him before your trade deadline. But, if he has a monster game I would be looking to sell high.  You can read the full article here.

Martellus Bennett (Buy-Low) – Published 4/23/12 – Full Article Here

It feels like forever that we’ve been teased by the 25 year old Bennett’s physical abilities as he’s been stuck living in the shadow of Jason Witten for the last 5 years. The 2008 2nd round pick reminds me a lot of Jermaine Gresham from a talent and physical skill-set. But what should we be expecting now that he resides in a new zip code playing for the New York Giants?

He’s definitely someone who should be on your radar in both dynasty and redraft leagues since the door has been busted wide open with ACL injuries to both Ballard and Beckum last season. Manningham has also departed to SF which leaves a chunk of targets just sitting there for someone, maybe Bennett? The Giant’s had already transformed into a pass-first team, but with Jacobs exiting to SF in free agency they may lean even more on Eli’s arm in the red-zone.  Cont’d here….

Michael Vick (Sell) – Published 3/04/12 – Full Article Here

The Michael Vick bandwagon pumped the breaks in 2011 after talk of him being the 1st overall pick by some so-called experts in ’11. He is arguably the most athletic QB to ever play the game, but we are constantly reminded that he’s just not consistent as a passer. Along with the fact that his play opens himself up for some huge hits, he just can’t avoid getting nicked up. His value has already taken a huge hit from this time last year, but it can still drop even further in my opinion. He’s about to turn 32 which is ancient in terms of RB’s. I say that because like RB’s his physical abilities are what make him so special. Once that starts to breakdown he will have to start relying more on his arm and I don’t think that’s what you want from Vick if he’s your main QB.

Steve Smith (buy for competing teams) – Published 3/01/12 – Full Article Here

In all of the dynasty leagues I play in almost every single owner is terrified by WR’s over the age of 30. If you are in true rebuild mode than he does you no good. But, if you are a top WR away from competing for a title then Smitty is your guy. He is definitely more expensive than he was this time last year, but he is still undervalued due to his age and the fear of owners wanting to stay ahead of the youth curve. I personally would be willing to give a late first for him if I thought he would push me over the top. With Cam in the mix he has at least 2 strong seasons left in the tank and that late 1st has a 50/50 chance of hitting. Remember, play to win now if at all possible.

NOTE - In the most important weeks of the season Smitty shined for his owners.  During the FF playoff weeks (13-16) Smitty was the #6 ranked WR averaging 18.65 ppg with games of 23, 17.9, 19.2 and 14.5 points.  I’d say he helped those owners who bought him specifically for their trophy chasing.

Justin Blackmon (simmer expectations) – Published 5/17/12 – Full Article Here

Why do I have issues with a player who is being talked up by some scouts as a top-10 overall pick in this April’s NFL draft? He has the college resume with over 3,000 receiving yards and over 30 TD’s in the last two seasons. He seems to have good physical tools, but are they good enough to be a future elite WR1 for your team? We were spoiled last year with Green and Julio, but I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed if they are expecting that type of production and upside out of Blackmon.  Cont’d here.

Brees, Graham, Colston (maintaining FF value w/no Payton) – Published 3/22/12 – Full Article Here

Brees tends to get all of the credit, but Sean Payton is the offensive mastermind who calls the plays for the offense. Will they miss his play calling, or will Brees take on more of a responsibility in that area since he knows that playbook inside and out? When Brees first came to the Saints, both he and Payton needed each other to be successful. Payton was such a great play caller, and then he got the right QB who could execute the X’s and O’s. Over time Brees has obviously become so comfortable with this offense that he could run it in his sleep. But, if you take Brees out of the mix, would Payton be able to find the same success with another QB. Maybe, maybe not. Don’t forget, Payton tore his ACL last season during a game when Graham was tackled and knocked into his knee. Payton was kept off the sidelines during the next 3 games, in his absence OC Pete Carmichael started running the offense and called the plays. The interesting part is that Pete kept the play calling duties even after Peyton returned to the sidelines. Most people don’t know this litle tidbit since there wasn’t a big deal made about it with the offense playing so well late in the year with Pete calling the shots. With Brees being one of the smartest QB’s in the league and knowing that Pete has already been running the offense for the 2nd half of the year, I feel confident that the Saints won’t skip much of a beat while putting up an 11-5 season at the worst giving them another division title.  Cont’d here….

Graham/Gronk – Published 2/27/12 – Full Article Here

There are only two TEs that are head and shoulders above everyone else in the league and I continue to feel that Graham and Gronk are being over drafted in most leagues.  They are being valued on last years stats.  Does anyone really think they will match those numbers which is what it will take to out-perform their ADP?!?  On top of that I also feel that there is solid depth at the TE position.  Guys like Finley, Gates, Witten, Fred Davis, Pettigrew, Gonzo, Rudolph, Cook, Fleener, Celek and Gresham are all available after the 6th round while you stock up on RB/WRs.

Oakland WR’s (sorting out the mess) – Published 3/20/12 – Full Article Here

Conclusion: As a whole the Raiders have some promising talent at the WR position with lots of speed, just nothing elite due to injuries and inconsistent play. They don’t have a legitimate No. 1 receiver on paper right now, but they do have 1 or 2 guys (Moore or DHB) that could break into the top 20-25 this year if they stay healthy and Palmer plays well. My money is on Moore due to passing the eye ball test along with Palmer’s gushing comments. When you feel that way about one of your receivers, you are going to make every effort to get him the ball as much as possible.  The full article can be read here.

Cedric Benson (No Trade Value) – Published 2/27/12 – Full Article Here

Cedric is a FA and it looks like he won’t be back in Cincinnati next season. The RB position is dominated by youth as the shelf life seems to be 5-6 years for productive backs. Even in his productive years he hald very little trade value, Benson had a little run where he held low RB2 value. That ship has sailed along with any trade value he once carried. Now all you can hope for is that he lands somewhere as part of a RBBC. If that happens he’ll be a spotty flex play at best. If he lands in a RBBC with one of my backs or he ends up backup up one of my main RB’s I would consider trading for him on the cheap. What do I consider cheap, probably a late 3rd or 4th. Bottom line here is that he is now ranked somewhere in the 60+ range for me with no trade value and no upside.

Calvin Johnson (#1 pick in start-ups) – Published 3/17/12 – Full Article Here

Should Megatron be the #1 pick in Dynasty PPR start-up Drafts?

Calvin Johnson just signed the biggest contract in NFL history, an 8-year deal worth up to $132 million with $60 Mil in guaranteed money.  Larry Fitzgerald previously signed an 8-year deal worth $120 million which was the biggest deal until now.

Johnson is coming off a monster season where he was one of three players (Rice, Moss and Johnson) in NFL history with at least 95 receptions, 1,600 yards and 15 touchdowns.  He finished with 96 catches and leading the league with 1,681 yards to go with 16 TDs.  Johnson went on to catch 12 passes for 211 yards and 2 touchdowns in their playoff loss to New Orleans which made him the first player in history with 200 receiving yards in a playoff debut.  The 2-time Pro Bowler Megatron has 45 touchdowns which are the most in the NFL since ’08.  He’s also one of six receivers in league history with at least 45 TD catches and 5,000 receiving yards in a four-season span, along with players like Rice, Moss, Terrell Owens and Marvin Harrison.

Megatron should be considered the King of dynasty right now, and he would personally be my first overall pick in dynasty PPR start-up draft due to the advantage WR’s have over RB’s in the longevity category.  The league’s top QB/WR combo is set for a few more seasons since Stafford still has three years left on his rookie deal.

Calvin has the chance to be the most dominant WR in the history of the NFL, and that’s if he’s not already.

Peyton Manning (return to elite) – via DFW Forum Discussions

Quote #1 – 5/22/12 – Link

My favorite QB this year to grab late and pair with a Cutler/Freeman type while stacking up your RB/WR spots…

Quote #2 – 5/22/12 – Link

Peyton will make sure he understands this offense inside and out to ensure he knows all his hot reads like the back of his hand. He’s smart enough to get rid of the ball a second too early as opposed to a second too late. Of course he’ll take some hits, but not too many IMO. Plus, he’s always made his o-line look better than it really was in Indy.

Quote #3 – 8/22/12 – Link

I went to the scrimmage at Mile High Stadium a few weeks back and he threw a long ball to the right for a 60 yard TD. 40+ in the air. I’m more worried about him playing outdoors due to previous stats playing outside which we have 15 outdoor games this year. As far as wobbly passes, I read somewhere and have heard it on the radio as well which I agree with that he’s always thrown an occasional wobbly pass throughout his entire career. It’s preseason and there will be mistakes as you get used to your receivers and the timing it takes to hit those small windows on the field to complete passes. No worried yet.

Quote #4 – 8/23/12 – Link

I’m here to tell you guys they (media) are blowing this out of proportion big time! As a local I go to 2 or 3 traing camp practices, the big team scrimmage and watch all the games. He looks fine for not playing in a year. He’s thrown plenty of complete passes to the right, I’ve seen it first hand. Peyton is big for ratings and readers so they are finding a way to keep him front and center in the spotlight.

Matt Ryan (Breakout) –  via DFW Forum Discussions

Quote #1 – 6/2/12 – Link

I love Matty moving forward and this news is something most of us were already expecting, so it’s great to hear unless you were still trying to buy him a tad lower. I think this time next year he’ll be discussed as a top 5 option. Get him before this season starts, I’m sure he’ll still be had at a discount compared to his in-season price tag after the reality of his production sets in.

Quote #2 – 6/29/12 – Link

Matt steps into elite company IMO this year with emphasis in the no-huddle passing game. Big drop off in ’12 production after Matty and we want to win now as much as in the future.

Quote #3 – 7/13/12 – Link

I’m not a proponent of going QB early.  I’ll wait until the 7th round unless Matt Ryan is there in round 6 when I pick.

Demaryius Thomas (breakout) – via DFW Forum Discussions

Quote #1 – 6/24/12 – Link

Get on the train before it’s too late! I’ve had him ranked at 12 for awhile now and recently took him at 3.8 in a $$$$$ start-up week a few weeks. I’m all-in on DT and you should be too.

Quote #2 – 6/24/12 – Link

Maybe I should change my name to Gambler because I swing for the fences. There is risk for any WR after the late 3rd round. Austin, Maclin, Colston and others that I’m blanking on all have injury risk. Then you have the guys with less upside, StevieJ, A.Brown, etc. maybe I’m blinded by my love of his elite physical talent and the dream opportunity of playing with a HOF QB. He “could” be an absolute BEAST for the next 3 years. defenses were already keying in on him last season when Tebow was at the helm, he was the only guy being thrown to. He saw a ton of attention and still got his. Manning makes players better too, and he’s got Decker and Tamme so D’s will have to respect them all. I always have 4 WR’s in the first 7 rounds which helps for the risk factor.

Quote #3 – 11/1/12 – Link 

It’s fun to look back on some of these threads, especially when you nail them.

Dez Bryant (in his defense and breakout) – Published /12 – Full Discussion Here

Quote #1 – 7/13/12 – Link

As far as your article comments on Dez, you point out a lot about his desire and work ethic. But those “can” easily be fixed IMO. The theory of 3rd year breakout WRs exists for a reason. In most but not all cases it takes a young dumb WR a few years to “get it”. What does “get it” even mean? Learn how to run actual NFL routes, learn to be a professional, learn the playbook inside and out, learn that you have to work hard and that you just can’t skate by like in college when you were so much better than everyone else on the field. His first and 2nd half splits make sense because he was poorly conditioned which hopefully will be better in ’12 if he “gets it” finally. Some are adverse to risk which Dez obviously has, but both have risks and I choose the guy that “should” get it in his 3rd season which is widely known for breakouts for WRs.

Quote #2 – 7/14/2012 – Link

His future success is speculation from either viewpoint….one side says he has no drive to succeed which has proof to support although it can be changed moving forward, and one side or maybe just my side says that he’s young and dumb and when that light bulb clicks then watch out. Contracts speak volumes to players like nobody else, if that rumor of no 2nd contract gets back to Dez and that doesn’t motivate him then nothing will. His silver spoon will be threatened this year, and my guess is that he’ll start to really feel the pressure in Big D and turn into a pro on the field and in preparation. If not, then good thing I only own him in a couple of leagues. Lol

Quote #3 – 7/19/12 – Link

I own him in one league and I didn’t draft him in any rookie drafts, so I feel I have an unbiased opinion. I still don’t understand what the big issue here is? He’s going into his 3rd season where things click for a WR, thus the 3rd year breakout theory. He’s progressed year over year stat-wise which is what you are always looking for……proof from numbers. There is no L.Rob stealing targets. He has a good QB in a high-powered offense which can support multiple studs. He has elite measureables.

Why aren’t we all saying, “wow, I think he’s done a phenomenal job getting to where he’s at DESPITE his cracked out mom and horrible upbringing.” You can either see the glass half empty or half full. I choose all of the positives and hope over the few negatives and hopelessness.

As far as this story goes, there is more to it than we are hearing. So let’s see how it plays out before we dig his grave another foot deeper.

C’s and D’s:

Jay Cutler (breakout) – 2 Published 7/29/12 and 8/3/12 – Full Article Here

More of a re-breakout here, but Jay goes from a top-5 dynasty QB in his last season in Denver to an afterthought in Chicago for the last three years. Enter long-lost Brandon Marshall, reunited and it feels so good.  Then you add rookie Alshon Jeffery through the draft who should be able to make an impact on the other side while Marshall draws away the coverage.  You slide Hester into the slot where he should be a natural fit along with one of the better pass-catching RB’s in the game today in Forte.  You also have addition by subtraction with the loss of Martz and his outdated over-hyped playbook.  Look for Cutler to sneak into the top-10 in total points this year at the QB position.  In redraft the strategy most aren’t brave enough for is to wait really late and grab a combo of Cutler/Schaub while loading up on RB/WR.

Ahmad Bradshaw (Solid RB2 Claim) – Published 5/13/12 – Full Article Here

Ever since the Giants selected David Wilson in the NFL draft folks have been dropping Bradshaw down their RB ranks, some even went out of their way to trade him for whatever they could get. This is a big mistake in my opinion. I’m obviously pro Bradshaw, but lets take a closer look at this situation to see why I think Bradshaw has just as much value now as he had before the NFL draft. Cont’d here to read the whole article…

Big Ben (maintaining value with Haley) – Published 3/27/12 – Full Article Here

There’s a lot of discussion of late around the loss of Bruce Arians and the addition of Todd Haley as the new OC in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers have struggled in previous years to run the ball, but that hasn’t mattered. The strength of the offense has been the passing game, but they should be even better with the subtraction of Hines Ward who just retired from being a little too old and washed up. They have three young stud WR’s in Wallace, Brown and Sanders who are all play-makers and can stretch the field. Ben is the perfect QB for this group too, he extends plays with the best of them which allows the WR’s to get behind the defenses on broken plays. Haley isn’t dumb, he’s just abrasive. Just ask Dwayne Bowe about the highly publicized issues a few years ago in KC link. Slightly different situation here, WR’s are divas to begin with. Haley won’t be able to treat the 2-time Superbowl champion QB the same way.  Cont here

Eric Decker (over performed my expectations by a few rounds) – Published 3/29/12 – Full Article Here

When does the hype get to the point where a player’s expected production doesn’t match his over-inflated stock price? Are we at that point with Decker now that Manning is in Denver?  Cont’d here….

D’s and F’s:

Ryan Matthews (moving into the elite) – Published 7/7/12 – Full Article Here

Norv’s Next Great Workhorse! article is way too long to post here, but you can review the compelling argument on why he “should” have been a monster this year.  I blame Norv personally, he went against the grain as history showed that almost every season he had a workhorse RB who handled the running downs, passing downs and goal-line carries.

Robert Meachem (breakout) – Published 8/3/12 – Full Article Here

Most folks forget that Meachem was a first round pick for the Saints a few years back.  He goes from the fifth target in a loaded offense to the second target behind Gates in San Diego.  They paid him starter money, and Norv has already stated he’s the number one guy at wide receiver.  Meachem is a big-play receiver just like Vincent Jackson was in San Diego, I can see him putting up very similar numbers to Jackson over the last few years.  He’s currently going after the eighth round which is a steal when he’ll put up WR2 numbers this year.

Donald Brown (RB3 expectations) – Published 8/03/12 – Full Article Here

Titus Young (WR3 expectations) – Published 4/16/12 – Full Article Here

Leonard Hankerson (2nd Year WR Profile) – Published 2/27/12 – Full Article Here