The DFW Mission is to provide a place that folks can call their dynasty football home.  We supply a positive environment along with tons of great fantasy football minds who share information for the common goal of growing the dynasty community.  We strive to put out the best daily dynasty content on the web along with other tools to help you succeed in winning championships and creating a true dynasty in your leagues.

We want to take a moment to say thanks, Dynasty Football Warehouse wouldn’t be what it is today without such great members and supporters. 


The DFW Team


Anthony Sopczak

With the products you guys push out the DFW Insider membership is well worth the money. I like that you guys have a lot of articles that have that outside of the box thinking to it, unlike the cookie cutter stuff you see on various other websites. I know a good thing when I see it. Thanks for the hard work!

Coach Janky Spanky  

This may not be the right spot to say this, but I’ll say it here anyway.

I have to say this site is second to none on so many levels. The content is great and the community here is the best community I’ve ever been a part of anywhere on the internet. Everyone is so respectful and we are able to share our opinions without any fear of attack or retaliation. It’s a place where I’ve learned that people can indeed respectfully disagree on the internet. What a concept! Someone can come to the forum with a question or a viewpoint and everyone simply states their opinion on the topic, plain and simple. The OP can then gather the info from all of the opinions and make an informed decision based on the info and not have to sift through a bunch of arguing, strife and such. Our opinions are all treated as valid, even though they might differ, and the OP can efficiently receive what he came here for. That’s the way it should be.

Thanks to the owners, writers, staff, mods, and everyone else who frequents this site to make it the best community I’ve ever encountered on the internet, and I’m not just talking about sports or football, I’m talking about every forum I’ve ever encountered. We all make this a great place to come and let’s continue to keep up the good work!


All my life I’ve been a hockey guy. I played throughout my youth and have been an avid fan of the fantasy aspect. I’ve grown to be pretty good at it and can confidently say I could compete against some of the best analysts out there. But I joined Fantasy football a year and a half ago and I sucked badly. Football is a whole new ball game. Careers are shorter, injuries more prevalent, and it’s rare that a player can become a stud without the right cast and situation around him regardless of talent.

When I joined the DFW48 community league I was green. Really green. I thought to myself that id never find the forums useful and thought I would have very little interest. But then the posts started and I found myself drawn in. I’m a researcher by day so fantasy seems to make sense to me. You read, discuss, and begin to draw your own conclusions. I find myself delving into a players history or stats just to have something worthwhile to bring to the conversation. You guys have helped me immensely and am grateful for all the solid advice given not only to me but to others as well. Everything helps. I now find myself drawing my own conclusions in players, they may be wrong but thanks to you all I feel confident enough to make them. I can’t wait to see what happens this year.

Thanks again.

League of Shadows

Dynasty Football Warehouse incredibly walks the line between engaging those of us who are the hardcore dynasty owners while not intimidating those who are just starting out. The content provided is an informative and comprehensive in manner; splash in some humor with an educated and active forum, you have a recipe to improve all fantasy football teams. A place I visit to constantly get feedback on trades, waiver wire, and dynasty hidden gems. Thanks goes to all the members for helping me to two championships, three finals, and five playoff berths this year.


I’ve been playing fantasy football for over 15 years and joined my first dynasty by taking over an abandoned team post season of 2003. I’ve won championships in that league and formed a new dynasty with guys I knew from a different forum. I loved that forum but it was shut down by the owners. The league we formed is still alive and well thanks to a couple of DFW members who have taken over teams.

I searched for another board to keep my valuation of players fresh. Truthfully it’s very hard to have a one sided argument and come up with a good value for any player. So I visited other forums, many other forums, all of them fell well short of the mark. Most of them because of how anyone short of 3,000 posts was treated. There was at least one other reason too. The people that ran the site and wrote the articles I was supposed to read and believe in never visited the forum on their own site.

Last spring I was referred to DFW by a person I have complete trust in and thought I would give it one more try. I couldn’t be happier. The articles are not only written by people that visit the forums but they are often the most prolific posters. Everyone is welcome to have an opinion whether it is their first post or their 4,000th. You can’t ask for more than that but you often get it with the great sense of humor found around this place.

Now getting down to brass tacks, did DFW help win me a championship? Nope, but that has nothing to do with the content and much to do with how dismal my teams were. Remember when I said you can’t win a one-sided argument? Well I found out I could lose one, just look at my teams and you’ll see what I mean. But I have a plan now and am again excited about dyanasty fantasy football. I’m working the trade market and it will probably take me a few years to get there but I know I can now thanks to DFW and the members.

Thanks to all of you. One life saved. That’s for you Gino.


I normally try to get my point across as concisely as possible. So here it is.
The forum members and staff at DFW, while not always sharing my player valuations, have a firm grasp of what goes into the process.
Arguments and discussions are well thought out, and usually presented in a way that allows the readers to judge the merits of both sides, and form their own opinion.
Cool vids, surf pics,fun topics, and Jessica Alba references.

Most importantly to me, a welcoming environment. Thanks guys. :clap: :clap: :clap:


I’m a fan of several forums, but this one feels the most like home. There are many here that are helpful and more importantly understand that there’s actually a person on the other end of the comment. I love the live chat feature to help set lineups on an early Sunday morning rush, and the ability to post images and links in a quality manner. These qualities have made DFW my favorite site.

Thurmans Hermit

Here’s a quick hitter that doesn’t involve fake deaths and heartbreak… :lol:

I’ve bounced around a few FF sites over the years but I’m glad to be a part of the DFW community. It’s like the Shangri-La of football sites. Good people sharing great information. People can agree to disagree like adults should without the drama that can develop when passionate people get on a hot topic. Everyone is welcome whether they can only bring a little to the table or whether they bring a lot, there’s something for everyone. A place where nobody takes themselves too seriously so it always feels safe. Hardcore or Nu Core, we’re all here for the same thing. Even if you have some “Norm Peterson” (Cheers) qualities, you’ll fit in just fine. There is no such thing as useless information.

*Alright… maybe that wasn’t a quick hitter*


There are two sides I look at thinking about DFW. The professional-FF side and the personnel one.From a dynasty FF point of view, I really feel good about what to expect from the members when asking for advice and in general the quality of discussions here on the board. And that includes advice for every kind of experienced dynasty player, whether you´re completely new to it or with lots of experience on your back. Everybody can expect to improve his Dynasty FF skills.From a personal point of view, DFW has really become a place I like to hang around at. I think more and more people will experience the same going forward, being a part of the growth of DFW.Thanks guys!


When I first started visiting this site/message board, I basically did it as a favor to Jay. I’ve never been a big fan of posting on public FF message boards because of all the fishing expeditions, pissing contests and chest thumping that tends to take place in almost every thread. When comments tend to focus more on outwitting and insulting the previous posters instead of focusing on providing solid content/opinion…I simply lose interest.

That isn’t the case here. This message board tends to be very “grounded” in providing solid insight while treating each and every member/poster like family. I’ve yet to really see that anywhere else in my FF travels around the internet.


You guys are great. The DFW staff and current members welcome each new member and offer insight to each and every posting. You’ve got some great weekly articles (such as the TRADES: Treat ‘Em Right). Your site has helped convince my fiancée that there are people more obsessed with fantasy football than myself and for that, I thank you! :clap:


I consider myself an avid Fantasy football owner. I actually tell my wife that the time spent with FFB is my second job and she should just consider herself lucky that I am so dedicated to work ;) I have been on several websites throughout the last 4 years or so that are strictly for FFb. When I was informed of this site (DFW) I checked it out and was impressed instantly. As a guy who likes to hear opinions of several owners on several topics this is the site for me ! I ask a ton of “pick a side” or “who would you rather” type of questions and the other member never fail me. I like the point of view expressed by most of the members on here. Like I said I was on other sites and it seemed guys were more interested in looking smart or knowledgeable rather than just giving you their perspective. I myself am a “tell it like I see it” kind of dude and that is how I see this site…..I do commercial roofing for a living and there are some companies that use older antiquated tools to tear off and put back roofs. That sometimes works but we use the latest technology whenever we can and that just makes things easier and more accurate. That is how I see DFW ….why use magazines that are printed once a year or sites that are strictly for redraft when you can join this site (for free) and get the latest and most unbiased opinions on the game we all love to play . Thanks to y’all who make this site happen it is the best out there :clap:


I’ve started coming to DFW more and more over the past month and recently started to join in on the forums. Ask for trade evaluations, advice, or potential trade strategy and you’ll get it that same day…more like hour or minute though. IDP, 10 team, 48 team, salary, you name it DFW has you covered. Anyways, where else will you find new articles being churned out daily during the offseason? If you just thought “nowhere”, think about what happens at DFW during the season. (Mind blown)


What impresses me the most is they don’t talk the talk, but they walk the walk. I was blown over by the number of members who won championships in 2012.

I mentioned when I first joined that I was so turned off from forums (too many cliques and know it alls) I’d never go back. This place changed my mind.