Now that we know where everyone is going, what changes?  Who will have the best opportunities?   Who missed out on their’s?  Who’s landing spot made them fall in the rankings?  My answers to these questions are below.  I am not saying this is how YOU should line up your rookie draft, but this is how mine will line up on May 7th.

1.01 T-rich, RB – Clev: Cleveland definitely did not have to trade up, but why risk it.  T-rich should be featured from the first snap and any fantasy owner should be drooling over this guy.

1.02 Doug Martin, RB – TB: Great landing spot for Martin as well.  I was hoping Richardson would somehow end up here, but I’m tickled pink that Martin landed here instead.  Blount will still factor in, but there is very little preventing Martin from becoming a huge every-down factor in TB right away.

1.03  Michael Floyd, WR – Ariz: As a MN-boy, I love thinking about the possibility that two home-grown wide receivers could end up being studs in the NFL for the same team.  I just wish it was with the Vikings.  Kolb and Skelton are the issue here, but as long as one of them can figure out how to just throw the ball up in the air, one of those boys should come down with it more often than not.  Floyd also gets the bonus of being mentored by Fitz.

1.04  RG3, QB – Wash: I am still a big RG3 believer.  Luck may still end up the better overall quarterback when all said and done, but if I had to start one tomorrow to win me a Dynasty League Championship, the choice is clear to me.

1.05  Andrew Luck, QB – Indy: Since Indy was smart and listened to my suggestion to go get Fleener with their 2nd round pick Ha Ha,  I think Luck’s stock went up a little bit.  He is going to be good.  Very good.  But getting his old “nooky-blankey” from Stanford may have helped the transition even more.

1.06 Justin Blackmon, WR – Jax: Gross!  Yuck!  I hate to see good talent go bad places. I am not panicking on Blackmon, but seriously!  Anywhere other than Jacksonville would have been great.  What I saw from Gabbert last year made Ryan Leaf smirk.  Now if Gabbert progresses more than any player in the NFL next year, then Blackmon is still the best WR in this draft.  I think it is actually  a testament to Blackmon’s ability that I have him this high considering my feelings towards Gabbert.

1.07  David Wilson, RB – NYG: Great grab for NY,  but poor Bradshaw.  All those Bradshaw owners were really hoping he’d have that backfield all to himself…. its okay guys… he never would have lasted the season anyway.  Bradshaw is used to splitting carries and both backs should have a good chance to handle the rock.

1.08  Alshon Jeffery- CHIC: I don’t want to hype Jeffery too much, because I want to take him in the 2nd round.  Don’t let the weight issues fool you, this is a match made in heaven with Marshall and Cutler.  Big pass and receiving yardage will be coming out of Chicago this year, much to this Viking fan’s dismay:(

1.09  Rueben Randle, WR – NYG:  Another nice pick up for NY.  Big time talent with Randle.   Manningham—- WHO??  Cruz and Nicks owners can’t be happy, but NY is a pass-first team now and there should be room for Randle

1.10  Coby Fleener, TE – Indy: Don’t see a TE in the 1st round often, but how can you deny the Luck to Fleener connection.  The chemistry is already there and if you don’t think that Luck will be trying to get his buddy the ball as often as possible….think again.

1.11  Lamar Miller, RB- Miami:  Too much talent and break-out capabilities here to keep him out of the 1st round.  With Bush’s nagging injuries and a doubting Thomas, Miller should have a fair shot to be a play-maker in South Beach.  Plus he doesn’t even have to move.

1.12  Marvin Jones, WR- Cincy: I know I’m going out a limb with Jones here and there is no way he will go in the first round, but this is how I see it.  Jones is an elite level talent.  I wrote 2 months ago that Jones is “Ocho-Cinco before the Cinco” and obviously Cincy thought so too.  His biggest challenge will be Sanu who is equally talented, but just not as big of target and doesn’t run as crisp routes.  If they use Jones as a #2, then perhaps there will be room for both.

2.01   Stephen Hill, WR – NYJ:  probably should be higher, but NY is moving back to a run-first team and Hill is an excellent blocker which is why they picked him.  He has huge potential but is Sanchez or Tebow going to help him realize that potential…………?                     …Exactly.

2.02   Kendall Wright, WR -Tennessee:  Never been a big Wright fan, but Tennessee is not a bad landing spot, assuming he can beat out Washington and Williams to see the field.  Locker is a sneaky break-out guy this year and he will be looking for a go-to guy.  Wright could be that guy.

2.03   Isiah Pead, RB- STL:  Nice back-up plan for Steven Jackson in St. Louis.  SJax continues to show that he can be the workhorse for the Rams year in and year out, but he has more mileage than my Taurus and will not be able to do it forever.  Pead should be a great change of pace back and I would fully expect Jackson’s workload to get cut back a bit.

2.04  Ronnie Hillman, RB- Den:  This might be my favorite pick of the draft.  Hillman has Darren Sproles written all over him and I fully expect Denver to use him accordingly.  This is the perfect way for Peyton to keep DEs from breaking his neck again.  Dump offs to Hillman.  Should be fun to watch.

2.05  Ryan Tannenhill, QB- Miami:  This pick reeked of desperation, but Tannenhill is still a talented guy.  The problem is he is now being thrust into a “no-win” situation with virtually no weapons around him.  Maybe Matt Moore can shoulder the load for another year, but I don’t see Miami fans being that patient.  Tannenhill could be another victim of “confidence sacking”…pun intended.

2.06  Mohamed Sanu, WR- Cincy:  Great slot guy.  With the additions of Jones and Sanu, Cincy is trying to get some “underneath weapons” to free up  AJ Green.  The real guy to watch is Andy Dalton.  He may have enough weapons around him to take his game to QB1 status.

2.07   Brian Quick, WR STL:  I really would have liked to see the Bradford to Blackmon connection, but I guess this will have to do.  Brian Quick has huge upside and should be able to stretch the field.  With Steve Smith and a healthy Amendola underneath, Quick should have some deep opportunities.  Can he go from D1-AA straight to a productive roll at the NFL level?

2.08  Devier Posey, WR- Hou:  This is one I am torn on.  Typically I am not a big fan of Big 10 wide receivers, but I love the landing spot.  Houston has been constantly searching for AJ’s compliment and I think they might finally have it.  If Posey can get back into 2010 form, then Posey will be a GREAT mid to late 2nd round pick up.

2.09  Nick Toon, WR- NO:  See comments for 2.08  then add the best passing offense in the league. Sealed

2.10  Chris Givens, WR- STL:  Good straight-line speed and can catch the deep ball really well.  Givens was shut down by elite corners at the college level and that’s why he was never super high on my board.  I guess this gives St. Louis TWO long ball threats in Quick and Givens…. hmmm   Quick and Givens… Givens and Quick….. might be the new law firm in the league?

2.11  LaMichael James, RB- SF:  I am noticing a trend in the NFL and I am going to label it the “Darren Sproles Effect.”  Small shifty scat backs that can catch the ball out of the backfield and potentially go the distance every time they touch the ball.  Get em’ the ball 12-15 times/ game and watch em’ work.  James is a playmaker and the one thing SF lacks is just that.  This adds a very nice dynamic to their offense.  Of course. Jenkins, Moss, Manningham, Crabtree, Gore, Hunter, James, and Davis can’t all be ALL-PROS now can they.

2.12  AJ Jenkins, WR -SF: I know he was the 1st WR taken in the draft, but I’m sorry.  I’m not biting on this bait.  As I mentioned one pick ago, there are too many mouths to feed in SF right now and the only way they all get feed is if a guy named Brady, Brees, or Manning is dishing up the chow.  I see SF’s offense improved, but they’re not going to be setting any records next year.

PLEASE NOTE: Alshon Jeffery, Marvin Jones, and Ronnie Hillman are players that I value more than your “group-thinkers.”  If you value these players like me, then make sure to do your research because you will be able to get them later in drafts.  Thus being able to trade down and acquire value somewhere else.

The first two rounds are on the house.  If you want any more help, come join us in our forums here, where we talk non-stop about any and everything fantasy football related.   Rookie drafts are going to start as early as this week.  Make sure you do your homework and if you don’t, make sure you trust who is doing your homework for you. We are all certified FF NERDS here.

Burgandy 4-30-12