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Zac Attack!!!

Who is Zac Dysert, and could he end up being the best quarterback in this year’s draft???

College football season is finally over, and NFL Teams and dynasty owners are just beginning the talent evaluation process, as we await events like the NFL combine, and  literally thousands of draft related articles and commentary await us.  NFL draft fans will get reacquainted with draft gurus such as Mel Kiper Jr. and Mike Mayock these next few months. In dynasty leagues, excited owners get a chance to help improve and build their own dynasties with rookie drafts that are often held right after the conclusion of the NFL draft.   In this particular column, I’d like to highlight Zac Dysert, a rookie quarterback that seems to be flying under the radar right now, but could end up being quite a bargain in the NFL draft, and in corresponding dynasty rookie draft.Zac Dysert

College Profile

            Zac Dysert hails from the Mid-American Conference and Miami University in Ohio.  While being a smaller MAC school, it is important to remember that Miami University has had some big names as far as coaches and players are concerned.  Known as “The Cradle of Coaches”, Miami has seen famous coaches such as Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, and Ara Parseghian get their start there, and recently they have seen athletes such as Ben Roethlisberger and professional wrestler “The Miz”, and last, but certainly not least, the one and only Shawn Gallagher is a graduate of Miami.  In football, the MAC has always been an underrated conference, as the best teams in the MAC usually can compete with teams from larger conferences and some quality NFL talent has come from the MAC.  This past season, Miami had a bit of a down season, finishing 4-8, so it has been difficult for Zac Dysert, or anyone else on the team to get much exposure.  Dysert ended up as a 4 year starter at Miami, and threw for a school record 12,013 yards during his career, which eclipsed the previous school record for passing yards held by Ben Roethlisberger!  Here is a good introductory video to help introduce you to Zac Dysert and his career at Miami U.

Physical profile

            Zac Dysert is just over 6 feet 4 inches tall, with a larger body frame weighing around 230 lbs., and a body that should be fine to transition to the NFL with. Perhaps his greatest physical trait however, is his long and beautiful hair, as seen in this photo.



            In addition to a good body frame and height for an NFL quarterback, Dysert also possesses a large amount of other strengths.  Dysert has a very high football I.Q, and brings 4 years of leadership and experience as a starting college quarterback at Miami. Dysert’s has quality arm strength, and has good accuracy even on deeper routes. Speed and mobility-wise, Dysert is certainly above average, although I wouldn’t classify him as a “scrambler”, perhaps Ben Roethlisberger is also a good comparison regarding Dysert’s mobility overall.  Here is a good highlight video of Dysert’s strengths, in what became a signature win over arch rival and nationally ranked Ohio University earlier this past season.  At the time Ohio University was undefeated and really on a roll, and you can really see Dysert rising to the occasion as the game goes on here.


            Dysert has a tendency to hold onto the ball a bit too long and take too many sacks, and could improve the speed of his release when passing.  While possessing a powerful arm, there were times when Dysert resorted to a “gunslinger” mentality, sometimes trying to do a bit too much on certain plays, sometimes leading to mistakes and/or turnovers. Dysert isn’t necessarily the most NFL ready quarterback in the draft, and could probably use a year in the NFL to develop.

The Supporting Cast (or lack thereof)

            Not trying to make excuses for Dysert, as he certainly has some things he needs to work on to make it big in the NFL, but we really do need to bring up the fact that Dysert’s supporting cast was very weak, especially as he was finishing his career at Miami.  Its quite possible that Dysert didn’t play with any other NFL prospects during his career, and you could argue that he had a very suspect offensive line in front of him and underwhelming wide receivers to throw to. It is also important to remember that Dysert went through 3 different head coaches during his time at Miami, and 3 different offensive coordinators to say the least.  The high amount of turnover on the Miami coaching staff, and lack of a quality supporting cast really seemed to hold Dysert back a bit, and it makes me wonder how much better of a prospect Dysert would’ve been on a better team, or at least on a team with more stability.  In this clip here you can see Dysert in a very difficult matchup against a far superior Ohio State team.  Dysert still shows some promise during this video, but you can tell how overmatched the Miami supporting cast is against Ohio State, and I think Dysert tries to do too much during this game.

Pre-Draft Outlook

            Dysert has at least 3 major events on the draft schedule to help improve (or hurt) his draft stock in the next few months. Dysert has been invited to the Senior Bowl in late January, the NFL combine in February, and Miami University’s Pro day, which is expected to be sometime after the NFL combine.  Dysert is expected to receive significant playing time in the upcoming Senior Bowl, and will get a chance to display his skills against other NFL ready talent, giving him a huge opportunity to enter the spotlight and really help his draft stock, and show NFL teams that he can be a franchise quarterback at the next level.


NFL Draft Prediction

            If the NFL draft happened today, I’d expect Zac Dysert to be taken somewhere in the 3rd round, as he could be seen as a developmental quarterback, but possible franchise quarterback eventually.  His performance in the Senior Bowl and Combine could vault his stock up to maybe the 2nd round of the NFL draft, if things go well, and consequently he could fall further towards the 4th round if he underperforms.  After West Virginia’s Geno Smith goes sometime early in round one of the NFL draft, there could be quite a lot of movement underneath him, and Dysert is one of several quarterbacks that could quickly move up the draft boards of NFL teams.  There was at least one NFL draft scout who compared Zac Dysert to Matt Barkley, essentially saying there wasn’t much difference at all between the two quarterbacks, just that Barkley played for a large school and had a higher profile.  I expect dysert to be drafted as a developmental quarterback somewhere, but have a fighting chance to win a starting job before his second year in the league, similar to others drafted a bit later like Russell Wilson and Nick Foles for example.

Dynasty Rookie Draft outlook

            In dynasty rookie drafts this season, I expect most quarterbacks to fall outside of the first round, making someone like Zac Dysert potentially a great bargain for owners.  Dysert could be a tremendous value to take a chance on in round 3 of dynasty rookie drafts, and perhaps even in the late second round if Dysert is able to improve his stock this winter.  If Dysert falls to round 3 in a rookie draft or later, I wouldn’t hesitate to take a chance on the guy, as I honestly don’t see that much of a difference between Dysert and some of the top tier quarterbacks you hear about from major conferences.  Go ahead, take a chance and unleash the “Zac Attack” in your dynasty rookie drafts this season, and you can thank me for it for years to come!   Lets finish this column off with Zac Dysert’s special appearance on Boise State’s famous blue turf!!!